This Is Where Humanity Apparently Went Wrong

I had a client who recently passed away from a terminal illness. I’d been reading for her for about a year before she passed, and we got pretty close. We made an agreement that once she crossed over we would check in with each other on the first day of each month at a pre-arranged time, and she would talk to me about “life” on the other side if she was able.

During our last session together, she explained something to me that I thought was very interesting.

She said when you are on the other side you can scroll through human history like you’re watching a movie, zooming in on important events like the assassination of John F. Kennedy for example.

She could see continents drifting, life evolving, mountains forming. She could witness private conversations between world leaders, see what killed the dinosaurs, or relive poignant moments from her own life. In a nutshell, she could see anything and everything she wanted to see.

She said after doing this for awhile that she thought she had figured out where humanity went wrong.

This is what she told me:

“Earth was meant to be a place to experience physicality, to live as a tribe of caring people who took care of each other and loved one another, while enjoying the beauty and bounty of the land.

What pulled humanity away from love and oneness was misinformation; people acting on information that was not true. For example the Salem witch trials, the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the idea of Manifest Destiny, even religion in general. People hoarded resources, began hating other people, began attacking those who were different. People believed something that wasn’t true and acted on it in a way that caused disconnection, schisms, war, torture, and murder.

Control, manipulation, and fear caused humanity to ignore their innate, Source-infused directive to love and care for each other. When humans succumbed to fear, they forgot their directive and altered their paths, which altered the original course of humanity.

Humanity continues to succumb to misinformation today, which is causing humans to close themselves off from others, to hoard resources, to hate entire segments of people.”

I asked her if there was any way to fix this.

She said, “People need to get back in contact with their human directive to love and care about each other, and stop listening to information that is false and designed to separate humanity. There are world leaders today who perpetuate misinformation, and it’s not just politicians, but anyone with power and sway, from a celebrity on Instagram to a priest in a pulpit to a principal in a school, to a parent over a child.”

I asked her how we could know if something was true or not.

She said, “You may not always have the resources to determine if information is true or not, but ask yourself if the information you’re receiving takes you further away from love or closer to it. Only act on information that brings you to love, not fear.”

She was concerned for humanity, but she also said the vast majority of people want to live in harmony with everyone, and that there is a lot more love in the world than hate.

Now for those of you wondering, of course I asked her who killed JFK and she wouldn’t tell me, but one day when we’re on the other side and we’ve got our subscription to Afterlife Plus we will undoubtedly find out.

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