Do Animals Reincarnate?

People periodically ask me if their dogs and cats ever reincarnate. I also get a lot of emails from people telling me their new puppy must be the reincarnation of their previous elderly dog because they act so similar.

So do animals reincarnate like people do?

There are many opinions among professional intuitives and they are not all the same.

I personally have not yet encountered an animal who told me about their past lives. I do connect with animals on the other side, frequently, and they indicate to me that they are still very energetically connected to their living human and are waiting for them to cross over so they can reunite.

I have connected with deceased animals who told me they sent a “replacement animal” to a family so their human family could love another animal, but so far I have not encountered an animal that has come back itself.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening; it only means I have not yet seen it.

So I’m going to ask the other side and let them explain it to all of us. Here is what they are telling me:

“Animals do not reincarnate, at least not in the traditional sense, not the way human souls reincarnate.

A human soul will reincarnate to experience physicality over and over again. A human soul desires to experience physicality from many different perspectives in order to experience everything physicality has to offer. There is growth, determination, intention, and purpose when a human incarnates.

An animal spirit is placed on Earth to enhance the function and overall wellbeing of the planet. Animals have their place like plants, mountains, and water. They are part of the structure of physicality and an integral part of the ecosystem. An animal may be re-placed back on Earth by Source.

Some animals, who become domesticated pets, develop strong emotional attachments to their human companions, so when they cross over the connection is maintained and unbroken.

Some animals, even if they were pets, do not maintain an energetic connection to their once human companion and release any connection after they cross over (think goldfish).

Animals are not on the same type of soul path as humans. While they do have the strong capacity to feel, to connect, and to communicate, they are not driven by the same factors that drive a human soul to try another incarnation.

If you feel very strongly that an animal in your life is a reincarnation of another animal you used to have, I’m not going to tell you it’s not him or her. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

Enjoy the connection, but don’t be surprised if you find both waiting for you on the other side when it’s your turn to cross over.

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