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9 Answers to Questions about Animal Reincarnation

Last week’s article, Do Animals Reincarnate?, generated some further questions from readers that I do want to address. Here are some of the questions I received and their answers:

Is it true that animal souls can eventually become human souls if they evolve enough?

No, animal souls are animal souls and remain animal souls. Human souls are created as human souls and did not start out as animals.

So an animal can’t someday be good enough or evolved enough to become a human? That doesn’t seem fair.

Animals are not lesser than humans, just different. Some might even argue that animals are far more evolved and pure than humans. It’s not a hierarchy of who or what is the “best” soul species. There are differences and those differences should be celebrated and respected.

In my religion we are taught that if we are bad in this life we might come back in the next life as a cock roach or banana slug. Is that true?

There is a lot of judgement in that idea, and quite a bit of behavior control too. I don’t think cock roaches wake up each morning feeling like they are the scum of the Earth. I’m sure as a species they are quite proud of themselves and their accomplishments. To suggest that it is a punishment to become an insect is sort of disrespectful to the insect isn’t it?

People are not punished by being forced to endure life as an animal, insect, bird, etc. Most animals are happier than most humans. How is that punishment?

But could we choose to come to Earth as an eagle or a whale so we can experience what it would be like to fly or swim in the ocean?

I do not believe you can choose to do that. I don’t believe we cross species, just as I don’t believe a human can one day be “good enough” to become an angel. Our souls were spawned by Source to have a human existence.

Now, one day you may be re-absorbed back into Source and no longer be a human soul. But your consciousness would end at that point and you would not come back as an animal or angelic being. You would be done… like really done.

I really feel like my pet came back to me. I think animals do reincarnate and come back to their same families.

I think it brings tremendous comfort to people to think their animals come back to them, and I don’t want to take that away from anyone. You must believe what your heart tells you to believe and what your experience leads you to believe.

In my experience, animals wait for us on the other side and do not come back. Your experience of reality may vary. For all we know, we’re in a computer simulation and there is no spoon at all.

A psychic told me that my mother came back to me as stray kitten that we took in recently. Are you saying that psychic was wrong?

According to what I’ve been told by the other side, yes the psychic is wrong, but just as in any industry you are not going to find full agreement among professionals. You must go with what you feel to be true in your heart.

I think a more likely scenario is that your deceased mother nudged that kitten into your life to comfort you and bring you joy. To me, that is a more likely scenario.

Is it possible to communicate with our deceased animals? I would dearly love to know if Fluffy is okay on the other side.

Yes, you can connect with animals in the same way you might connect with a deceased human. In my experience, animals communicate with pictures. When I’m doing a reading for a client and they ask me about their deceased pet, I will see images or videos in my mind of what the animal used to do, maybe their favorite toy, or how they used to push your nose when they wanted you to wake up. I don’t think I have ever clairaudiently heard an animal speaking to me with words.

When I get to the other side, will I connect with all my pets, or just some?

You will reconnect with the animals who choose to connect with you. The stronger the love and connection in life, the more likely they will be waiting to greet you when you cross over. Like I said in the previous article, you probably won’t encounter your goldfish.

You may or may not encounter your dog, cat, horse, or bunny, but if there was love there, the chances are much higher. The same is true when you cross over and greet your human loved ones. Some will be there, and others may have disconnected.

How will I connect with a ghost dog? Without bodies, how can we run, play, and fetch?

You will connect in one of two ways. Either you will connect energetically and commune love and playfulness at each other. Or you will generate a pseudo-physical field where you will experience a physical-like experience much like you might in virtual reality here on Earth.

I have been shown by the other side and told by some deceased individuals that you can see what life would have been like if you had taken another path, and there is a pseudo physical quality to that experience. If that is true, you can experience some level of physicality with your animal companion.

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