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How Our Deceased Loved Ones are Helping Humanity During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Last night I was doing a meditation before going to sleep. Suddenly my deceased mother appeared to me in my bedroom and said, “Tune in, Erin. You’ve got to see this.”

I followed her frequency and she led me to the other side. That’s when I saw it. Probably millions of souls (if not more) surrounding the planet, turned towards us, holding us in love and light.

They were all connected to each other like one collective energy, but I could still see individuality if I looked at them closely.

They were singing a song, more like a chant, and in that song I could sense they were knitting our energy matrix back together, sewing healing energy into the fabric of humanity. They were sending strength, love, and courage.

I was in awe, completely overwhelmed emotionally, and tears started to roll down my face.

“We see you,” the collective said to me. “We know you are in peril.”

I said, “Can you help us?”

They said, “We cannot directly interfere, but we can strengthen you, we can send guidance so you will make decisions to be as safe as possible, we can send inspirational ideas to your leaders, we can give insight and wisdom to your scientists.”

I asked, “What can we do to resolve this as quickly as possible?”

They said, “There are two components to this trial; the physical and the energetic. Your physical bodies are being ravaged by the virus, and you must tackle that problem in the physical, which is what your medical experts are doing.

The energetic component is more critical. Humanity is collectively writing a chapter in the book of your lives. What you write together will become your reality. You can write of the suffering, the fear, and the helplessness that you all felt during this time, or you can write of how people came together to overcome this challenge and create a new spirit of oneness, compassion, and strength.

The story you tell is what will be written.

Start consciously thinking about how you will discuss this in the future. That is what will program your reality in the present.

Do not sew threads into the fabric that you don’t want permanently in the tapestry. Begin weaving the tapestry with stories of how you overcame this challenge.”

I asked, “What is this song you are all singing?”

“We are weaving love and strength into your tapestry. We are holding you up so you do not collapse. We are retuning your souls so you remember where you really come from and that you cannot be truly harmed by what is happening in the physical.”

I listened to the song for a minute. It was indescribably beautiful and uplifting. I felt a lot of strength in the song.

They drew my attention to the grid of energy that surrounds our planet and infuses every living thing. There were points where it flickered and changed color. I knew those were weak spots. But there was an outer layer of white light that surrounded the grid and was infusing it with new energy.

I knew we were being supported by the other side, and I knew that in the end everything would be alright for humanity.

Remember that we are souls having a human experience. Nothing can snuff out our light. The body may suffer but the soul remains, as always, intact.

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