How Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Help You During the Corona Virus Pandemic

In my recent blog article, How Our Deceased Loved Ones are Helping Humanity During the Corona Virus Pandemic, we talked about how the other side cannot interfere directly in our Corona virus struggles.

They cannot lock you inside your house. They cannot get rid of the virus and make it go away. They cannot remove illness from your physical body.

But they are attempting to keep you safe every single day, so I want to go over what that looks like so you can begin to notice the signs and signals that could potentially save your life.

Communicating with your guides involves utilizing your four intuitive modalities, which you can study and develop in my online course, The Intuition Development Program. Quarantine is a good time for an online study course that will boost your intuition.

Your guides will send you messages using clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. If you know how to use these modalities, you will receive their advice, insights, and wisdom instantly, and you will know you can trust it.

Here are some examples of what they might be sending you via each modality.


With clairvoyance they are going to send you images in your mind’s eye. Often these are symbolic images that you must interpret, but that’s okay. You will get better at interpreting them with time and experience.

Here’s an example of an image they might send you. You are locked inside a room with a predator who is circling you and growling. You keep moving away from it and it keeps coming towards you. Suddenly rain falls down from the ceiling and washes over you and causes the predator to just melt away.

That’s a symbolic scene of the Corona Virus trying to attack you and a reminder that washing your hands or sanitizing your space can prevent you from contracting the virus.

Or maybe you get an image of yourself skiing down a mountain and there’s an avalanche behind you. You’re skiing as fast as you can to avoid being swallowed by the snow, and you get away. That’s your guides telling you that you have successfully avoided the virus, at least for now.

To access your clairvoyance you will need to meditate and allow your guides to send you this image. It can take some practice but it will be worth it so you can get clear messages that are easy to interpret.


With clairaudience you are going to hear a voice in your mind speaking to you, telling you what you need to know.

For example, let’s say you are in the grocery store and you are reaching for some produce, and you hear a voice say “Not that apple!” You stop, your hand hovering over the apple you were going to select. You select another one because your guides know the apple you were about to touch was already handled by someone with Corona.

If you can listen to that inner voice, you will hear your guides giving you information designed to steer you away from the virus. Guides broadcast information almost constantly. Wouldn’t it be great to hear warnings when you need them?


With clairsentience, you are going to receive signs and signals inside your body. You may suddenly feel anxious or frightened for no apparent reason. Those are signs. Your guides are sending you information to which they want you to pay attention.

For example, let’s say you’re thinking about going to the grocery store at 11am, but when you make that decision you get a sick feeling inside your stomach. When you imagine going to the store, you feel a strong sensation of dread.

So you think to yourself, “Maybe I’ll go at 2pm” and you relax inside, it feels better, there’s a sensation of safety that permeates your body. Go to the store at 2pm. Your guides may be seeing that the next time the store employees sanitize the carts will be at 1:45pm and they will be much cleaner and safer if you go at 2pm.


Claircognizance is a sudden knowing of information. Your guides can send you a download of information that hits you instantly and contains all the information they want you to have.

For example, let’s say you’re pulling up to the gas station and you’re about to select pump #5. Suddenly you just KNOW you should not go to that pump. There’s a certainty that comes with that information. You absolutely, positively know that pump #5 is not where you should be so you veer around and pull up to pump #1.

Why might your guides send you that information? Perhaps someone with Corona touched the nozzle at pump #5 and you would have it on your hands if you use the pump.

Your guides are watching over you during this pandemic, and they are doing everything within their power to keep you safe. The better you are at receiving intuitive information, the safer you are going to be.

They can’t magically wipe surfaces clean, they can’t make corona-infected produce disappear into thin air, they can’t drop hand sanitizer on you from the clouds.

All they can do is send you the signs and signals that steer you clear of danger. You must receive that information and trust it when you get it.

Listen to your guides. They are trying to protect you.

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