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Do Murderers Have Spirit Guides?

A reader sent me the following question:

“Do people who do bad things have spirit guides? What are these guides doing while the person is committing a murder or abusing a child or perpetrating a rape? Do they intervene? Do they leave and refuse to be their guides? Are there people roaming this earth without any spirit guides to help them?”

Great questions. Here we go…

Everyone incarnates with spirit guides.

Your spirit guides are assigned to you before you are born. They are there to guide you, keep you on track to your goals, and nudge you in the direction they know will bring you happiness.

Once we incarnate, we have free will. Our choices determine our outcomes. Every action we take is by our own design, not designed by Fate, Destiny, God, or anything else.

So everything a person does while incarnated, they are responsible for.

When a person does anything, their spirit guides will have a reaction.

Imagine your spirit guides are holding a map and they are watching you move along that map like a little energetic dot. When you begin making choices that lead you away from happiness, your guides will step in and try to send you signs, signals, and synchronicities to tell you that you are heading in a non-helpful direction.

So what do you think happens when your spirit guides see you committing murder, or raping or abusing someone?

That’s right, they have an immediate reaction and try to broadcast information to you that will cause you to stop.

But people don’t always hear their guides. Additionally, people sometimes hear their guides but choose to commit atrocities anyway.

And remember, your guides cannot physically intervene. They cannot make you drop the gun. They cannot remove your hands from someone’s throat. They can only send you gut feelings that what you’re doing is cruel and harmful to others.

It’s then up to you to decide to listen to your guides, your gut, your conscience, or to ignore those urgent feelings.

So yes, everyone has guides.

Not everyone listens to their guides.

People have free will and if they choose to harm other people they are allowed to, but they must also be willing to accept the natural consequences of their actions.

Your guides will never leave you, even if every decision you make takes you down a dark path. They will continue to try to help you achieve love, joy, and happiness your entire life.

Allow yourself to be guided by your spirit guides. They sincerely want to help you have a great life.

If you want to learn how to connect with them directly, consider taking my online course, The Intuition Development Program. Or just start listening to your gut. Your spirit guides broadcast information to you constantly. Hearing them gives you a huge advantage in life.

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