Jennifer’s Last Night on Earth

Last night when I turned off my light to go to sleep, I began hearing movement in my room, like the sound of someone shuffling along across the floor.

There were crackling noises like electricity popping all around me, the slats of my shutters falling down from the up to the down position, and water bottles popping as well.

When I hear these sounds I know what’s coming. There is a spirit or entity in my room and it’s waiting to connect with me.

Sometimes it’s a low vibration entity who seems to want to screw around with me, terrorize me, or zap my energy.

Sometimes it’s a deceased soul looking to communicate.

Either way, I prepare myself mentally and spiritually for what I’m about to encounter. It usually happens very quickly.

In last night’s episode of “Who’s Waiting for Erin?” I went to sleep and immediately became astral. When I left my body I could see a figure at my door. Before approaching it, I checked the rest of the room to make sure there was nothing else in there that might blindside me.

All clear!

So I made my way over to the figure. It was a woman with short dark hair and she appeared to be wearing a hospital gown. She was facing my door and rocking and banging her head on the door like she was trying to push through it but was stuck.

I floated up to her and reached out to touch her shoulder. When I did she turned around and looked at me. I could not make out the features of her face. They were shrouded in darkness, but her bearing looked fatigued and sad.

She said, “Can you help me? I’m lost.”

I replied, “What’s your name?”

She said “Jennifer.”

I asked, “Where do you want to go, Jennifer?”

She said, “I’m looking for my husband, Kenneth. I thought he was with me in the hospital, but I didn’t see him so I started looking for him.”

At this point I suspected that Jennifer was either recently dead or dying in a hospital bed somewhere close by.

I touched her elbow and said, “Come with me, let’s get you sorted out.”

When I touched her elbow I used her energy as a conduit to connect with her spirit guides. I asked them to show me the path I needed to take to get her where she most needed to go.

A light appeared in front of us and I followed it, guiding Jennifer with me as we flew through my house, outside into the night, and along the empty streets of the city.

I figured Jennifer was in one of the hospitals nearby, but I was wrong. We kept going and going for what felt like 7-10 minutes or so. When we landed, we were inside a hospital room but I wasn’t sure where we were or even if we were in Las Vegas.

I was directed to a hospital bed that was empty. That sort of surprised me because I figured I’d see Jennifer’s body hooked up to machines in a coma perhaps.

Jennifer said, “This is my room and that’s my bed, but I don’t see my husband, and I want to say goodbye to him and make sure he’s going to be alright without me. You see, I think I’m dying.”

I concurred with Jennifer’s assessment. Her guides told me Kenneth had gone home to sleep and was planning to return in the morning.

I asked them if Jennifer would last the night, or if she could hold out until morning when Ken returned.

They said they would do everything they could for her but it would be close.

I asked them if there was anything I could do to help. They told me to try to comfort her a bit.

So I told Jennifer to climb back into bed and she complied. She was pliant, like an obedient child. And I could feel the fatigue she carried like a heavy weight. She was ready to slough off her body.

She laid down in the bed and when she did I could suddenly see the physical body I couldn’t see before. On the surface she looked alright; I could not see any outward signs of trauma. She had an IV in her arm, an oxygen canula in her nose, electrodes on her chest, and a pulse oximeter on her finger.

Her guides said, “She had a stroke. She’s going to develop a complication very soon and it’s going to kill her.”

This distressed me greatly. I asked the guides if I could somehow alert Ken to come back to the hospital. They told me he would not hear me and his guides were already trying to send him an urgent message. He was not receiving it.

They told me the reason I was brought into this family’s situation was to provide comfort while she crossed over. I had no ties or connection to Jennifer or Ken that I was aware of, but I have been astrally called to the side of dying individuals in the past, and I was more than happy to do what I could.

So I sat with Jennifer and tried to hold her hand, but all I could do in that state was overlay my energy onto hers. She began telling me about her childhood and eventually she told me about her adulthood, marrying Kenneth, and how she had grandchildren coming that she would never get to meet.

I feel like I was there with her for about an hour, but it’s hard to tell.

At some point Jennifer’s voice started to fade away. Her guides came to me and said “We’ll take it from here. It’s time for you to go.”

I said, “You don’t want me to stay while she passes?”

They said, “No, your energy needs restoration. For your own well-being you need to return to your body. We will help Jennifer now. Thank you for sitting with her.”

I felt sad as I left Jennifer. It was still dark outside. Kenneth wouldn’t make it, and he would beat himself up for not being there with her when she passed. But there was nothing I could do to fix that, and I had to let it go.

I returned to my body and merged with it. The clock showed me the incident lasted about 90 minutes. I had to lay in my bed quietly for a while to absorb and process what I had just been through.

Helping souls who are lost or dying is not something new to me, but it doesn’t happen that often. I am grateful I developed these skills at such a young age so I could serve as a helper as long as possible.

When I finally went back to sleep I dreamed that my deceased cat, Crystal, pounced onto my bed and laid herself down on my hip. It was so great to see her again and hear her purring.

When I woke up I did feel a little drained, but also very content. Life goes on. This incident was a reminder to me to appreciate every single day I have on this Earth and not take a single day for granted.

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