Q&A on Soul Families

The last two articles I wrote on soul families prompted a lot of interesting questions from readers.  So in today’s article I’m going to answer the questions I received.

Can a soul be totally alone on Earth and no one from their soul family has incarnated?

Technically, yes, it’s possible that while you are incarnated there are no other members of your soul family incarnated at the same time.  It’s probably rare, but it’s definitely possible.

With no other soul family on Earth, are we supposed to just make friends with total strangers?

Yes, you will interact with thousands of people in your life.  They don’t have to be members of your soul family to bring you joy and happiness.  Plus, someone new you meet in this life may become a member of your soul family during this incarnation.  Just look for people you get along with who care about you – soul family or not.

How can we tell if a person is a real member of our soul family and not just pretending to be?

There will be people on Earth who are disingenuous, but your intuition and experience with them should tell you that they are not being true to you.  A member of your soul family will usually be quite caring and loving.

Are all soul family members going to feel that warmth and connection with me right away?

No.  When a person incarnates they are indoctrinated to society and culture through their parents and peer group.  You could easily end up being members of an opposing religious group, or opposing political beliefs, or just living very different life styles.  You may even rub each other the wrong way and seek to stay far away from each other.  Back in the ether, you will slough off the societal conditioning and be close again.

So there’s a chance I could find a member of my soul family and they won’t like me at all?

Yes.  But remember you didn’t come here to reconnect with soul family.  You came here with a life intention and you are presumably working on that.  Along the way you may run across soul family.  You may connect with them briefly or you might marry one.  You may have an amazing friendship with them or you may interact once and realize you don’t like them.  It’s totally fine and totally normal.

Can new members be added to a soul family?

Yes, if you make an amazing connection with a soul here or even in the ether where there was no previous soul family connection, they could be added to your soul family.  Bear in mind that every single soul that Source creates is connected in some way to each other, like the drops water in an ocean are all part of the same ocean.  But your soul family are those you are very familiar with and with whom you interact the most often.

What if I live in Portland and my soul family lives in New York?  How would I ever figure that out?

Your soul family is probably scattered throughout the world.  In some cases, you’ve set an intention while you were in the ether that you will connect with someone, but once you incarnate that may not happen, and that’s okay.  Your spirit guides will definitely nudge you towards the people in your soul family, but with free will you may decide to ignore your intuition.  You don’t absolutely need members of your soul family with you in this incarnation.  You can absolutely be happy and fulfilled around others.

Are soul mates part of our soul family?

I dislike the concept of a soul mate as it implies that you can only find happiness with one soul on Earth.  You may marry someone who is a member of your soul family and in that sense you might refer to them as a soul mate, but you do not have to marry a member of your soul family to be happy.  There are lots of drops in the ocean of life that are suitable partners.

Is there such a thing as soul antagonists?  People who are not part of our soul family or who hate us?

You may have had some negative experiences with a soul in another life and if you encounter them in this life you may feel an instant dislike.  That would be part of some past life trauma carryover.  While incarnated you may feel strong antagonism, but back in the ether you may feel a deep connection.  Think of it like when two actors play a hero and villain in a movie, and between movies the actors are friends, but they go and make the sequel and their characters are enemies again. 

Are our children always members of our soul family?

No.  Sometimes you have a soul that wants to incarnate quickly and will accept any vessel it can.  There may be no strong soul connection.  You may not feel a super strong soul family connection with your child.  I know that may sound sort of odd, but I also know a lot of you wrote to me and indicated you felt no soul connection to your parents, so that can definitely happen.  It’s not something to feel bad about or ashamed of.  It doesn’t mean you won’t love your children, and you may form a bond that turns into a soul family connection.

Do soul families ever break up?  Like, can you leave a soul group, or can someone change their mind and decide they don’t want to be part of their soul family?

A soul family is not bound together like families on Earth are bound.  You may have a soul connection with person A, who has a soul connection with person B, and you don’t have a soul connection with person B at all.  Your soul family is not some finite group of people who only have each other.  So there’s no breaking up because there is no box that contains you.  Even inside a soul family some connections are stronger than others. 

Are members of our soul family our spirit guides?

Some of them are and some of them aren’t.  You may be connected with a spirit guide who is not a member of your soul family.  That happens often because spirit guides are chosen for their ability to help you fulfill your intention, not necessarily how close they are to you.  But spirit guides can absolutely be members of your soul family as well.

Your soul family can make your incarnation loving, beautiful, and joyous. Look for your soul family when you can, but take in everything this life has to offer.

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