How To Find and Identify Your Soul Family

In last week’s article, The Surprising Truth About Who Your Ancestors Really Are, I explained that your physical ancestors are merely those who share DNA with your current physical body, but your true ancestors, your true family, are your soul family.

Your soul family is made up of spirits with whom you share a very strong energetic connection. These souls may incarnate at the same time you do or they might remain in the ether.

A member of your soul family who incarnates at the same time that you are incarnated on Earth might be a member of your physical family but more often than not, you’ve got members of your soul family walking the earth with no physical DNA connection to you at all.

After the article came out, I got a lot of emails from people asking how they could find and identify members of their soul family.

First it’s helpful to understand that there is a matrix of energetic cords that attach all humans to each other. These cords also extend to souls in the ether and to animals and other living things. But for right now, let’s talk about the cords between you and other incarnated humans.

Most of the cords have weak bonds; you barely know the person on Earth, if at all. These are people you will never meet and never interact with for the most part, but you do still have at least some level of energetic cord between you.

But with members of your soul family, the cords will be strong and active, pulling and tugging on each other, desiring of further connection.

When you run into a member of your soul family, the cord will sing and vibrate with energy. You will feel drawn to the person. You may even feel like you recognize them or you’ve known them your whole life. You will feel an instant connection.

This could be a family member, but most of your soul family who are incarnated at the same time as you, are not family. Who might they be?

It could be a person with whom you develop an instant friendship with. In 10th grade, I saw a girl across the room of my Spanish class and I was so drawn to her, I practically recognized her. She had the same feeling. By lunch we were sitting together and we became instant close friends. It was amazing. She was a member of my soul family.

Think about the friends in your life right now and how you felt when you first met them. Was there recognition? Or a feeling of instant connection? A buzzing or vibrating sensation in your gut? A knowing that this person would be an amazing friend?

That’s an indication that they are part of your soul family.

You may also feel this connection with various other people in your life. A teacher, a member of the clergy, or a co-worker. Examine the people in your life and identify those with which you feel a strong and enduring bond.

You can also find members of your soul family in random encounters with complete strangers. Your soul family does not have to be in your life constantly. They can bounce in and out in one encounter that affects you for life, or sets your feet on a path that takes you in a wonderful new direction.

For example, a member of your soul family may be sitting next to you on a bus and give you words of wisdom that completely change your perspective on life.

You may feel drawn to sit with a homeless person and offer up your own words of wisdom, or take them for some new clothes or a meal.

Someone might come along and save you when you are being threatened.

Members of your soul family will be drawn to you and you to them. When you feel an inexplicable connection with a stranger, don’t ignore it. Explore it. You may be interacting with a member of your soul group.

Finding members of your soul family while you are incarnated can make your life better. You have a supportive, loving person helping you out or becoming your best friend, or even a life partner.

Look for the easy connection, the instant bond, the conspiratorial wink, the savior in your dark times. Life is better when you are hanging out with your soul family.

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