What Do Spirit Guides Do When They Are Not Guiding Us?

I received this question from a reader recently, “I know you say that guides are assigned to us before birth, and they are with us during our lifetimes to help us manifest our intentions. But are they with us all the time or do they have their own lives in the ether? Are they attuned to us 24/7 or do they get down time where they are not watching us?”

Great question.

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, our spirit guides are selected for us by our higher selves. We get spirit guides who are uniquely suited to help us obtain what we desire in life.

So if you want a life where you are working on the cure to cancer, you are going to get guides who know all about hard work, self-discipline, science, medicine, and who will help keep you focused on your goals.

If you want a life of travel and adventure, you are going to get guides who have experienced travel and adventure so they can inspire and guide you on that path based on their own knowledge.

Guides are not physically incarnated, so they don’t suffer from the same rigors that we experience as physical beings. They don’t get physically tired so they don’t need physical rest.

At the same time, they are actively “living” in the ether and that involves communing with their soul families, learning, traveling the cosmos, holding space and energy for us, tuning in on their own incarnated loved ones, and activities we can’t fathom from our current reality.

But when you agree to become someone’s spirit guide, you are essentially agreeing to perform a job, a service that will last a lifetime. You are agreeing to watch over someone, to nudge and guide them, to actively send signals, signs and synchronicities, to inspire them to reach their goals, and to warn them when trouble is about to strike.

You have made a covenant to be there for them throughout their life. It’s an honor, a privilege, and a great responsibility.

Your spirit guides are always tuned to you, but their level of focus may ramp up or ramp down depending on what you’re doing and what level of help you need.

When you are actively working on fulfilling your life’s dreams and intentions, your guides are clocked in, focused, and ready to actively assist you.

If you take a break, they might take a break, although they often use your down time as an opportunity to send you inspired action ideas. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten my best ideas while driving long distances.

Your guides also come to you through dreams. So while you may be experiencing downtime, they are using that quiet time to send you messages.

When you are actively engaged with them, such as through meditation or channeling, you will make a strong and active connection with them. Think of that like setting up a meeting and having an active conversation about what you’re going to do next.

I like to imagine I’m sitting around a conference table with my guides and having an active planning session. And sometimes I meet my guides in my ethereal garden and just hang out or allow myself to be inspired.

Your spirit guides always know when you are in trouble, and they will attempt to give you emergency guidance. If you can hear them and commune with them, so much the better. Learn how to connect with your guides whenever you want to talk to them.

Most of the spirits on the other side, in the ether, are not spirit guides. They are just people/souls hanging out and doing their thing.

Being a spirit guide is like having a job, and it’s a job they take very seriously. Thank your guides for getting up with you every day and being there for you. They are taking good care of you at all times.

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