Are Life Tragedies Pre-Determined?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will no doubt know that I do not believe the future is set in stone. There is no fate, no destiny but that which you make for yourself. You have free will and everything that happens to you is the result of the cause and effect choices you make.

But people often ask me about their life tragedies and they wonder if they were pre-determined? Did Source send you here knowing you would be in a car accident when you were 18? Did Source know you would have a miscarriage at the age of 27? Did Source know your husband would leave you with three children to raise on your own? Did Source know you would get breast cancer at 67?


Once you incarnate, your trajectory and your results are solely your own.

Decide not to wear a seat belt? When you have a car accident you may go through the window.

Decide to marry a drug dealer with a criminal record? You may end up raising your kids alone.

Physical illness like cancer, heart attacks, or strokes are the result of mutations in your DNA, lifestyle choices, dietary habits, smoking, or even random chance.

You do not head into your life with a timeline of major events. You are given freedom and what you do with that freedom determines your life.

Now, you do come in with some life intentions. Before you’re born you have some idea of what you’d like to experience so you select your parents and life circumstances to give you the best odds of manifesting those intentions.

So if you know you want to make strides in science, you may select parents who are scientists themselves.

If you know you want to travel the planet, you may select parents who already do a ton of traveling.

If you know you want to compose music you may incarnate to those two lovebirds who met in the orchestra.

You can stack the deck in your favor, but once you incarnate you can be derailed.

This is one reason it can be really helpful to know what you intended to do before you incarnated. You can ask your spirit guides to tell you what your life intention was and you can use that information to plan your life or pivot from an unfulfilling one.

But your life tragedies are not pre-determined. I know there are ton of psychics out there who tell people their future like it’s set in stone. Usually those psychics are wrong, or they are reading a trajectory that has a really strong probability of occurring.

For example, when I do a relationship reading and someone asks me if the person they are dating will be a good match for them, I can tell them what major challenges they will have and how to overcome them, or I can see the likely outcome of the dating experience. Then my client can make a more informed choice about what they want to experience.

So when something bad does happen to you, please don’t think it was intended. It wasn’t. You slipped and fell on a life mine and you will need to heal. Life is full of those mines, but the older you get, and the wiser you become, the more you learn how to recognize them and avoid them.

Trying to ascribe meaning to a tragedy does a huge a disservice to your free will. “I guess God wanted me to go through that car window so I would learn caution.”

No, God wanted you to wear a seat belt and drive defensively but you decided to text while driving and now you have a brain injury.

Pay attention to where your life is going, make changes if you don’t like where the wind is taking you, and use your free will powerfully to create the life of your dreams.

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