Where Do Spirit Guides Go After You Die?

Someone asked me the other day what happens to spirit guides when you die and they are no longer needed to guide you. Where do they go and what do they do? Do you get to meet your spirit guides when you cross over?

First, a quick refresher. Spirit guides are non-corporeal beings assigned to you before you are born to help you navigate your life and achieve your intention for incarnating. They keep a sort of “to do” list from your higher self, and send you signs, nudges, and synchronicities designed to get you where you want to go.

Spirit guides are assigned to you based on their ability to help you achieve your Earthly goals. Spirit guides are not prior relatives. Rather, they are professional guiders so to speak, who know how to reach across the veil to contact you and help you. They have experience helping incarnated humans.

Some spirit guides have lived many lives and perhaps have a skill set uniquely suited to your goals. For example, if your intention is to propel medicine forward, you may get a spirit guides who has been a doctor in one or several lifetimes.

Some spirit guides have never taken human form, but their wisdom and understanding of energy and the physical realm make them really well suited to help you in your life. If you want to know who your spirit guides are in this life, book a reading with me and I’ll tell you.

Most people have around 3-5 spirit guides who stick with them throughout their life. Other guides may pop in upon occasion to help you with a specific life goal and then leave. Some guides guide multiple people at the same time. But your dominant guides stay with you for a lifetime.

Now to the crux of the question. After you’re done living your life and you cross over, what happens to your spirit guide posse on the other side?

First, you will absolutely meet your spirit guides when you cross over. It will be an amazing reunion and you will feel like you’ve known them for eons, possibly because you have. The communion you have with your guides is something really special.

After this, your guides will do one of several things.

They could immediately be assigned to someone else who is incarnating soon.

If they were guides that popped in and out of your life, they will continue their work with their charges who are still incarnated.

They may go back to just being spirits on the other side, with their own agendas, their own spirit families, and their own tasks.

Or they may decide to incarnate themselves.

I’ve seen some interesting arrangements where members of a soul group agree to guide a single member’s incarnation and then they switch, so you become a guide to them while they are incarnated as a physical being.

Spirit guides are wonderful, selfless, energetic beings who look after you while you are physical. Before you go to sleep tonight, thank your guides for their guidance and for watching over you.

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