Earth is Not Your Home

Sometimes people write to me expressing intense fear of dying. In fact, sometimes these people are so afraid of dying that the anxiety overwhelms them while they are living.

Some people fear slipping away into oblivion. Others fear going to a hell-like afterlife. Some fear that death dooms you to walk the Earth as a spirit forever.

People don’t want to leave their loved ones on Earth, or they are afraid of the pain of dying.

These are all valid fears.

We incarnate without memory of where we were before we were born and without knowledge of where we go after death.

But what I hope you will come to understand is that Earth is not your home. Earth is a place you visit to experience physicality. When you are done experiencing the ride that is your life, you will go home, back to the ether from whence you came.

You left home to come to Earth.

You left your true existence in the ether, took a human body, inserted your soul into that body, and are now living out the role you designed for yourself.

When you are done, you will release the vessel (your body) and traipse merrily back home, once again the energetic frequency you were before you incarnated.

When you go back home you will more fully understand why you veiled the truth from yourself when you incarnated, but basically it was so you wouldn’t sully the experience you had here. That could ruin the challenge, the magic, the fun.

Do not be afraid to die. Dying is going home after a day playing in the park. Transitioning is not always comfortable, but that discomfort is fleeting when the transition is complete.

Enjoy this life to its absolute fullest. And when your time comes, be excited about who you’re going to reconnect with on the other side, the stories you will share, and the wisdom you will have gained.

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