How Intuition Can Change Your Trajectory

I woke up one morning, two months ago, to my spirit guides wanting to give me an urgent message. Usually I have to consciously tune in to them to receive guidance, but when something is urgent they can break through to me and get my attention.

They told me that I was on a trajectory that was going to lead to a very undesirable outcome related to a big portion of my life. I perked my intuitive ears and listened to what they had to say. They told me that if I didn’t change my trajectory, immediately, that something I love dearly would be gone within a year’s time.

I am being purposely discreet about sharing what that thing is because I am still very heavily in the middle of it.

But I said to my guides, “Whoa, are you serious? But everything is fine right now in that area.”

To which they educated and informed me about exactly why it was not fine, and they went on to give me details about what’s going to happen, in the order it’s going to happen, that will lead to the ultimate demise of this thing that I love.

And then everything they said was going to happen started happening, in the exact order in which they said it would happen. I could not have predicted this in a million years because for me it came out of nowhere. But from where they are, they can see trajectories colliding and the outcome if nothing on that trajectory is changed.

So they explained to me what I need to do to alter this outcome, and I’ve been taking those actions. As I’ve taken those actions, there have been wins and losses. I am not the only person exerting influence on this outcome; there are others who desire the original outcome that would destroy this thing I love, so as I swing it one way, they swing it towards the alternate outcome.

As of right now the outcome is slightly in my favor, but by no means a lock. The other people exerting their wills have a strong desire to see a different outcome, and they are just as justified to have things the way they want them.

But this is life. Nothing is set in stone and the future is not predetermined. Your spirit guides can see the most likely outcome of your current actions, and if you consult them consciously, you can get a heads up and change course so you don’t lose something you love, or so that you can gain something you desire.

I am lucky that I have such a close connection with my spirit guides that they can get an urgent message to me whenever they want, and I can tune in for more information whenever I desire.

Many people do not consult their intuition or consciously seek wisdom about the path before them. I have found in my years as a professional intuitive that there are tremendous advantages in consciously checking in with my spirit guides.

The way I see it metaphorically is that we are walking inside a maze, searching for the things we desire in life, and trying to avoid things that will hurt us. Our spirit guides are hovering over the maze. They can see what path we need to take to reach our desired outcomes, and they are eager to tell you what they see.

They will send signals, nudges, and gut feelings to you, hoping you will get their messages in time. If not, they will continue trying to correct your path to get you where you want to go.

And this is your path, not their desire for you. You are allowed to want what you want, and you are allowed to avoid what you think you may not like. They do not decide your goals for you, but they know you well enough to know where your soul wants to go, and they are eager to get you there.

So, like I said, I don’t know what the final outcome will be, but I know I have an advantage because I listen to my intuition, to my guides, and they haven’t steered me wrong yet.

If you want to learn how to tune in to your guides to receive their wisdom, please check out my Intuition Development Program.

Or you can book a reading with me and I will tune in to your spirit guides for you and get information about your current path.

You are on a trajectory right now in every area of your life. But you may not know the final outcome of that trajectory. Your guides know because they can see ahead in the maze and they know what you’re going to encounter.

You can change course any time you want, simply by making different choices. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how those choices will turn out before you make them?

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