Connecting With Your Higher Self

When was the last time you consciously connected with your higher self? Is there any reason to even check in with your higher self? Also, what exactly is a higher self?

Your higher self is basically your consciousness, your over soul. The higher self is who we are when we are not incarnated into physical form. Your higher self was spawned by Source and set free to experience life, the universe, and everything.

Your higher self is the one who decides if, when, and how you will incarnate on Earth. The higher self chooses suitable parents who can give you the basis you need to accomplish your life intentions, then finds and assigns spirit guides who will be there to guide your character on Earth towards your goals.

Once you incarnate, you will forget who you are, and you will live out your life playing the character you chose for this incarnation. Some people come just to experience physicality, almost like being on vacation. However, some people choose to incarnate to influence the path of our planet, or to make a big impact in some field like medicine or physics.

Your higher self watches with keen interest as you navigate the maze of your life, hoping you will manifest your intentions and enjoy your time on Earth. When you are done with this life, you will go back to the ether and re-merge with your higher self and add your experience to the collective.

Your higher self does not do as much guiding as your spirit guides do. Your higher self is a great resource for you though. I connect with my higher self anytime I want to remember who I really am and remember why I incarnated.

You can connect to your higher self through meditation. I like to visit mine in the “garden” where we sit and have tea and cookies and I talk to her about my struggles, my desires, and intentions.

You may notice that your higher self has some characteristics you don’t have. For example, my higher self has a lot more courage than I do. And her compassion for humanity is boundless. Here on Earth, in my Erin Pavlina shell, I’m not as strong or confident as she is, but when I remember who I really am, I can call upon those characteristics fairly well.

I invite you to do a meditation where you go into a garden, meet up with your higher self, and get to know him or her a little better. See your higher self as they are, and remember your strengths, your true character, your soul.

Sometimes I like to merge with my higher self, letting her energy infuse me, and when I step away I can carry those attributes with me for a long while. It’s like plugging into universal energy.

Try reconnecting with your higher self and see what you experience.

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