What is Source?

In my articles I often refer to something called Source, which for me is the consciousness that spawned our Universe. It has no gender. It is not associated with any religion. It is the powerful energy that formed and created the Universe, and lovingly created our souls.

But does Source exist? And if so, how can we know it?

Where does Source come from? What came before Source? What created reality?

These are big questions. Possibly the biggest questions we could ever ask as sentient beings is how did we get here? Where are we from? Who created us? And who created what created us? What was here before here was even here?

I have to say that the answer to all of these questions is, “We don’t know. We can’t know. Not from where we stand in this density right now.”

There is no real way to know what created us. We can guess. We can fathom. We can purport to know.

We can interpret our spiritual experiences and our existence as coming from some greater being, but whatever created reality and existence is beyond our capacity to understand.

I believe we can touch upon creation energy while we are incarnated here as physical beings; meaning we can use our five senses to take in the world, we can use our energetic senses to commune with creation energy, and we can touch upon that consciousness that surely, in the end, is our creator.

But I don’t believe in our current density that we can ever truly deeply understand the depths or the reality of creation.

That doesn’t mean we can’t wonder. It doesn’t mean we can’t connect to … something. That doesn’t mean our lives are a momentary blip in the cosmos.

I feel something when I tune in to Source. I feel unconditional love and oneness. But I also accept that those feelings might not turn out to be even a smidgeon of what Source really is.

I know there must have been a Source at some point, on some level. We exist and something or someone caused us and the universe to exist.

My interaction with what I identify as Source pleases me greatly, gives me a sense of unconditional love and belongingness, and makes me joyous. If that’s all I ever know, I’m fine with that.

It’s normal to wonder how we got here. It’s normal to want to understand and fathom the Source of all. So keep seeking, keep wondering, keep a really open mind.

But the real answer to the question “What is Source?” must be “We don’t know.” And I can live with that.

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