Security or Freedom?

In today’s article I want to share a dream I had that involved a choice between security and freedom and then I want you to weigh in and tell me which path you would choose and why. I’ll tabulate the results and share them in next week’s article. I am really interested to see what you would choose.

In the dream, the world has gone through a semi-apocalyptic event. 90% of the population is wiped out and humanity is basically starting over. There are two options given to all humans as to where and how they will live.

The Structured Society
Scientists were able to take our few remaining resources and they built a city in the sky, far above the Earth. This City in the Sky has electricity, running water, food manufacturing capacity, advanced healthcare, and a communication infrastructure.

When you choose to live in the city in the sky, however, you must abide by certain rules and standards which were developed to keep order.

Everyone is on the exact same schedule. Wake at 7am, participate in an exercise program, shower, get dressed, and put on a uniform that everyone else is wearing as well. At 8:30am the entire city eats breakfast; the food is healthy and well-balanced. From 9am to 6pm everyone works at some type of job that helps the community operate.

From 6pm to 7pm everyone eats dinner. 7pm to 8pm is designated as enrichment time where you must partake in some kind of education or learning activities. And from 8pm to 10pm is free time to do whatever you please. Lights out at 10pm and the days continue on like this.

You never have to worry about where your next meal is coming from. You don’t need to worry about hygiene. There is always clean, running water. You have access to whatever healthcare you need. There is time to be social with friends or spend time alone on a hobby. You want for nothing, but you do not have the freedom to choose how you will spend most of your day.

You cannot wear the clothes you desire; you must wear the approved uniform. You cannot choose what food you will eat each day; it is chosen for you. You cannot decide when you will sleep, but you are given 9 hours with which to sleep.

While there is rigidity and uniformity, there is also certainty that you will survive and live in comfort.

The Scroungers
In this dream, there were a lot of humans who decided they didn’t want the structured rigidity of life in the sky. They opted to stay on the scorched Earth and eek out an existence among the rubble.

Life for the Scroungers was difficult. Every day you had to search for a source of food and water, and fight others for your survival. If you found something you needed you had to guard it from being stolen.

People formed tribes for protection, to increase their resources, and for social interactions. There was no electricity, no established system of government, no hospitals or advanced medical care, no easily obtained food or running water.

But in this society, people were free to do what they desired any time of day or night. Nights were spent around campfires singing, talking, and socializing. Days were spent toiling on the Earth, looking for food, water, clothing, and other resources.

Some groups took to planting crops but they were difficult to grow. Trading posts developed where you could potentially find something you needed in exchange for something you had. There was no law or order, there was only safety in numbers. There was no technology, no easy way to communicate with others, and no medicine.

People were distrustful of those outside their tribe.

But there was total freedom. Sleep when you felt like it, go live where you wanted to live, interact with whomever you chose to interact with. There were no 9 to 5 jobs. You simply lived off the land and did the best you could.

In the dream I was given a choice about which society I wanted to live in. Before I tell you what I chose and why, I’d like to hear what you would choose and why.

Take this 2 question survey and let me know, and I’ll post the data in next week’s article and tell you what I ended up deciding in the dream. (Note: The survey is now closed)

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