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Does Karmic Debt Exist?

After I posted my last article, Do Deceased People Apologize for Their Transgressions? I got a lot of emails asking if a person who was abusive or had murdered someone in this life would have to pay back a karmic debt in their next life to make up for their transgression.

Some people believe that if a person murders someone in this life that they have to come back and be murdered in their next life so they would know how it felt, so that they could pay back their karmic debt.

Likewise, if they abused a child in this life, they’d have to come back as an abused child in their next. If they raped someone in this life, they’d have to come back and be raped in the next. You know, justice and all that. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. It’s only fair.

But this is not how the universe works.

Imagine if it did work like that.

Person A commits a murder in Life A. They go to the other side and God says, “Wow, man, that was some pretty harsh stuff I just witnessed. I’m afraid you’ll need to go to Life B and be murdered. It’s only fair and I have to teach you a lesson.”

So Person A says, “Oh, yeah, I really messed up. I know it. Sorry about that. I was in a really bad way in that life. I promise I’ll never do it again. Can we overlook it just this once?”

So God says, “No can do, bro. You have to know what it felt like to be your victim. Back you go.”

Meanwhile now God has to find someone to murder Person A in their next life. So he finds some poor fellow who is tooling along in life, comes to him in a dream and says, “I need you to murder John Smith when he’s 5 years old. You’ll find him at Washington Elementary school on Dec. 12. Make sure you terrorize him first, he’s paying back a karmic debt.”

This poor fellow responds, “Whoa, are you kidding me? I’m not going to murder some kid I don’t even know. Why on Earth would I do that? How can you ask that of me?”

To which God replies, “Why are you questioning me? I told you he has to learn a lesson and I need someone to carry out my will on Earth. I’ll tell you what, to make this a little easier on you, I will insert murderous thoughts in your mind. You won’t be able to help yourself. It will be easy for you.”

The guy says, “That’s kind of sick, man. What happens to me if I murder this kid?”

God says, “I will judge you when you get back to me, and you will then have to spend your next life being murdered also. I can’t let you get away with something like that without repercussions after all.”

The guy says, “That’s really not fair to me. I don’t want to murder anyone, but you’re forcing me to, just to carry out your version of karmic justice? Why don’t you just take care of him in the ether and leave me out of it?”

God says, “Hmm, never thought of that. Let me consider that.”

Obviously I’m exaggerating a bit with this scenario, but I want you to see the absurdity of the concept of karmic debt. The idea that you have to suffer because you caused someone else to suffer just perpetuates suffering.

Do you really think this is how the universe works?

Let me tell you what happens to murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and abusive people when they cross over.

Everyone goes through a life review. You see your entire life again, and not just from your perspective but also from the perspective of the people you interacted with.

So if you hurt someone deliberately in this life, you’re going to feel their pain during your life review. If you tortured others, you’re going to know exactly how that felt.

Likewise, if you were a bundle of positivity, helping others, showing compassion, and being kind, you’re going to feel the gratitude of all the people you impacted.

That’s how justice takes place, and it’s a greater justice than innocent people being forced to commit acts of atrocity against those who themselves committed atrocious acts.

When you come to Earth you are given free will. That is both a curse and a blessing. With your free will you can choose to hurt others or you can choose to help others.

Either way you will feel and experience the consequences of your actions. But it doesn’t happen in the next life, it happens in the ether. And it’s not about punishment, but understanding.

There is no karmic debt. There is no karma.

That doesn’t mean that a soul won’t choose of their own free will to experience something in physicality that they want to understand better. Some souls do put themselves into families that are likely to abuse them. Just as some people get into abusive relationships for a wide variety of reasons.

If you’re having a bad life it’s not because you deserve it, it’s not because you’re paying back some karma, it’s not because a supreme being wrote down on his to do list to make sure you’re run over by a car next Tuesday.

It’s because you landed in those circumstances, or you put yourself into those circumstances. Work to get your life the way you want it. Use your free will to your greatest benefit.

Just remember, what you sow, you shall reap, in the ether during your life review. Make amends now while you are living, it will ease the burden when you get to the other side.

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