How Do You Want Your Story to End?

Do you ever wonder how you’re going to feel about your life when it comes to an end? Will you be happy with the life you led? Will you have regrets?

Every life is a story being told to the Universe through your actions, inactions, choices, and deliberate thought.

Do you feel like you are writing your own story, or do you feel like your story is being written for you?

As we go through life the road opens before us and requires us to make choices. Will we go left at that fork in the road? Will we stand still for a while and contemplate a path? Will we walk with a partner on some shared path or will we walk alone, saying hello and goodbye to people along the way?

Every day you are writing your story. Do you know how it will end?

Sometimes at night when I’m meditating, I like to ask myself where my story is leading. How will the choices I’m making today leave me feeling at the end of my life? Am I living the way I desire to live, or am I allowing myself to be tossed about by the currents of life?

Then I examine what I’m doing now and ask myself if it’s contributing to my ideal life or not. I can see areas in my life that are in full alignment with who I want to be, and I see areas where I’m making choices that will lead to regret at the end.

The trick is to recognize where you are in your story and correct your course if you can see it leads somewhere you don’t want to end up.

That can take courage, because sometimes it means leaving behind something in which you’re fully entangled. It can take strength, because sometimes it means experiencing short term pain for long term gain. It can take emotional fortitude, because sometimes it means leaving behind people you care about but who are drowning you and pulling you under.

Your story is your responsibility. At the end of your life, you and you alone are responsible for how your story reads.

You don’t want to get to the end, out of time, and realize you never did the things you desire, or you spent too much time and energy on the wrong things and the wrong people.

You still have time to write the next chapter of your life. Take a look at where your story is leading and make the changes that lead to your best outcome. On your death bed, you will be glad that you took the time to make sure the story ends the way you want it to.

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