Can Deceased Loved Ones Hear Your Apology?

In one of my recent posts, Do Deceased People Apologize for Their Transgressions? I discussed that often our dearly departed do want to send back messages of apology for things they did to you while they were alive.

Humans can’t always receive that apology, but that doesn’t mean the deceased aren’t sending them.

A reader responded to that article by asking me if it also worked the other way around, “If I apologize to my boyfriend for how I treated him, will he hear me on the other side? Will he care?”

So I want to tell you that apologies do go both ways. If you feel that you have transgressed against someone who is now deceased, you can absolutely convey your heartfelt apologies, and they will be able to hear you.

Having a final “conversation” with your loved ones who have crossed over isn’t a bad idea at all. It helps release any negative feelings, and bring you both closure. You can take care of any unfinished business, or simply express your love and your regret that they are gone.

You can do this anytime, anywhere, but for best effect, this is what I recommend.

Sit quietly in a comfortable position. I like to play some relaxation or meditation music in the background. Some people like to light a candle or burn incense. Whatever gets you focused on what you’re doing is great.

Pick a time and place where you won’t be disturbed, for example make sure your animal companions, kids or significant other aren’t going to need you.

Make sure you don’t have to be somewhere else soon. You want to be able to finish your conversation once you get one going.

It’s not a terrible idea to hold something of the deceased loved ones. It will help you focus and it will help send them a signal.

Whether you feel a connection right away or not, simply start talking to them in your mind or out loud. Tell them what you’re sorry for, tell them what you were grateful for, tell them you love them.

Be heartfelt and the energy will travel its way to the ether and reach them.

It will feel good and cathartic to commune with your deceased loved ones. And it’s good for your soul to release any negative energy you may have had with them while they were living.

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