This is What Happens When You Ask Deceased Loved Ones to Send you a Sign

Receiving a sign or message from a loved one on the other side is truly special. It helps you know that they are okay on the other side, that they are still connected to you, and that they are watching over you.

Signs come in all shapes, sizes, and manners. You can see a penny, hear their favorite song on the radio, see a feather, have a dream about them, see their photo fall off the mantle, have a clock stop (bonus points if it stops on their time of death). You can think you see them in a crowd, you can see them in your room at night. You may smell their perfume, or hear their voice.

There are many different ways a loved one can get you a message.

Perhaps you’ve asked for a sign from a deceased loved one and you haven’t received one. That can be very disappointing, and even make you anxious that your loved one has disconnected from you or is stuck in limbo somewhere.

But let’s take a look at what happens from their perspective when you ask for a sign and you may begin to see that it’s not as easy as you might think to send you a sign.

First you ask for a sign. People do this with prayer, or by lighting candles, thinking about the person before they go to bed, writing their intention on a piece of paper, meditating, holding something the loved one used to own. There are many ways to “call” them and let them know you want a sign.

Does your deceased loved one receive the request? Only if they are listening or watching out for it. Deceased people are not tied to you like a helium balloon, hovering behind you while you go about your day. They are busy on the other side with their own “life.” So if you do manage to get their attention, that’s fantastic. Do not be offended if they “miss your call” though. You don’t take every call you receive do you?

So let’s say they do get your message. You want a sign and your loved one wants to send you a sign. How are they going to do that?

Not all deceased people are adept at reaching through the veil, manipulating reality, and inserting their sign into the physical world for you to see. It takes skill, time and effort.

If you want your sign in a dream but they don’t know how to reach into your mind, you won’t get your sign. If you invite them to send you a feather and they can’t find an errant feather within 50 miles of your location, you won’t get your sign.

If you leave it up to them to send you a sign because you’re not picky, they might send you something and you miss it. Perhaps they send you their favorite song on the radio, but you don’t know their favorite song. That’s going to be a miss.

Perhaps they are adept at coming into your dream but you can’t remember your dreams. That’s a miss too.

For them to send you a meaningful sign that you can and will receive is tricky.

How can you make it easier to receive signs from your dearly departed?

First, before they even pass away it’s not a terrible idea to discuss options. It may still be difficult for them to manipulate the energy and frequency but at least you’ll know what to look for and they’ll know what to work on.

Make your signs something you think will be easy for them.

For example, it’s difficult to get a radio station to play a certain song when you’re in your car listening. That’s a long shot sign, because they have to basically mentally manipulate someone’s consciousness to play that song at that specific time.

Pick something in your home that is light that they could move or knock over. Pick a clock that has a battery, which will be easier to stop than something plugged into a wall.

Candle flames are good ones. Light a candle, make sure there are no strong air currents, meditate and ask them to make the flame flutter in a way that is really noticeable. That’s a lot easier than getting you to smell their perfume (where are they supposed to waft that from? The warehouse that makes it?)

You can also try setting a specific time with them in advance (or even after they’ve passed). Give them some notice that you’ll be “calling.” You can say “Hey, Mom, I’m going to reach out to you on Saturday afternoon at 3pm. I’ll have a candle ready for you. I hope you can make it.”

It also doesn’t hurt to have something of theirs with you. Put it next to the candle. It will help draw their energy to that spot. Or hold it in your hand and think loving thoughts.

Remember that they are not physical beings, so it’s not like they can just blow the flame with their breath. They have to match the frequency and vibration of that flame and use energy to make it move.

So the next time you ask for a sign, be considerate of your loved one’s skills, abilities, and time. Increase your chances of success by working together so you’ll know they are around. I hope you get the signs you are looking for!

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