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Can You Connect with Deceased Celebrities After You Pass Away?

If you’ve ever wanted to spend time with Robin Williams, Stephen Hawking, or Maya Angelou, you may wonder if you can connect with these deceased individuals once you too cross over.

Everyone who dies spends some time in a life review, and then they tend to slough off the role they played in this one life, merge back together with their higher self (who has lived many lives) and move on to another incarnation or decide to kick it in the ether for a while.

While a soul on the other side may remember their life as Robin Williams, Stephen Hawking, or Maya Angelou, they are a lot more than just that one life. They are no longer just the character they played on Earth.

It’s sort of like asking, “Can I meet Severus Snape when I die?” No, but you can meet Alan Rickman who played Severus Snape in the movie.

We are all playing a character when we incarnate, like an actor who takes on a role in a movie. Some characters become more well-known than others, so it’s natural to feel like we know those souls personally, even if we didn’t interact directly with them while they were alive.

The simple answer is that you can connect with any soul that desires to commune with you. Celebrities will be no different. They may be happy to relive their “famous” incarnation with you, or answer questions about what occurred to them during that lifetime.

During readings, I’ve connected with loved ones on the other side who mentioned they were attending a lecture or discussion with someone like Einstein or a concert with someone like Elvis. It’s all communion of energy, connection of souls. It’s not like Elvis is selling tickets to a concert in heaven.

So yes, you may get an opportunity to connect with a celebrity when you cross over. Chances are good though that you will mostly be communing with all the souls you have loved over many lifetimes. That’s going to be the real draw.

I admit to desiring a little discussion with the soul that was Stephen Hawking, and I hope I get the opportunity when I cross over. But that’s after I reconnect with the people who meant the most to me in this life, and the souls I don’t currently remember but whom I have loved for a thousand years.

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