How Many Past Lives Do People Generally Have?

I started doing past life readings for my clients in 2017. Since then I’ve read for thousands of people, many of whom have come to me for upwards of 10 past life readings.

Even the people who have had 10 or more past life readings with me still have more past lives I haven’t gotten to yet. History is very long.

Generally, when I do a past life reading, my client’s guides will show me the lives they had most recently, like from 1700 to the 1900’s. But I’ve had many past life readings that take me all the way back to ancient times thousands of years ago.

I’ve seen a lot of people who lived during the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Also, I’ve seen a lot of past lives in Egypt, and a lot of tribal lives in South America and Africa.

So far I’ve never read for someone for whom this life was their first life; I’ve always been shown a past life when I tune in. But it’s entirely possible that some people living today are living their first life ever.

People are often surprised to find that their past lives took place in countries other than the country they live in today. I’m not sure why people are surprised by that. The Earth is large and there are a lot of places where people can incarnate. You are not limited to one location.

To answer the initial question of how many past lives people generally have, I would say at least 20 and possibly more than a hundred.

And to those who tell me they would never choose to come back to Earth, yes, you will. And you will understand why after you slough off this life and return to the ether.

Sometimes a client asks me to tell them about the life that began their interest in metaphysics. Those lives usually take me back pretty far.

Sometimes a client will ask me to tell them about the life that had the most impact on the life they are living today. You can get great insight into how past life trauma is affecting you today.

People with irrational fears today, such as a fear of being buried alive, will often find the root of that fear in another life. Knowing where the fear originated can often release the fear in this life.

Exploring past lives can be extremely therapeutic. If you are interested in exploring any of your past lives, hit me up for a reading. I’d love to help you explore your other incarnations.

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