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How to Pivot When Your Passion Has Petered Out

Recently I was doing a reading for a client who was in a situation that I’m sure a lot of people find themselves in.

He had followed his passion all the way through college and graduate school and had become a criminal defense attorney.  He had practiced law for 16 years but he was starting to find it draining.  His passion was petering out.  

He felt dread going to work, he wasn’t putting in his best efforts, and his bosses were starting to notice.  He wanted to know what to do to rekindle his excitement for being a lawyer.

But when I tuned in to his guides, they wanted me to remind him that the entire reason he became a lawyer was to help disadvantaged youth get fair trials and get off the criminal path so they could live productive, respectable lives in free society.

He agreed that that had been the original reason he had gone into law.

Then his guides told me that helping young people avoid prison was still a valid and passionate intention for him; but helping them after they did the crimes was not fulfilling for him.

They had suggestions for him that involved doing work to prevent youths from ever committing the crimes in the first place.  He really perked up when his guides told him this. 

The more we talked about other options, the more excited he became.  By the time the call was over, he had a new plan to pivot towards a path that would allow him to influence young people and keep them out of the prison system altogether.

His passion was still there, but he would change his profession to match his passion and explore a whole different option that allowed him to fulfill his intentions.

I know from doing thousands of readings over the years that many of my clients are in a similar boat.  You’ve been working in the same profession for a long time and it has lost its passion.

You can ask your guides for ideas and suggestions about ways to pivot onto a new path.  Or you can try this exercise for yourself.

First, get back in touch with what originally made you passionate about your career path.  What was it you thought you were going to accomplish?  What was it that lit the fire under you and got you excited to go to work each day?

Then ask yourself if there is a way to inject that passion back into your current career.  If there is, then great, move in that direction.

If there isn’t, or you can’t see a way, then fall back to the point where your passion was first sparked and ask yourself what other career paths would allow you to explore your passion to its fullest.

Consider one of those paths to pivot to.  It doesn’t have to happen overnight.  You may need some education, training, or certification first.  That’s okay.

And if you check in with yourself and realize that you just don’t have that same passion any longer, there is nothing wrong with tapping into a new passion and following that road.

I’ve read for accountants who became professors, doctors who went on to invent medical devices, social workers that became authors, and computer programmers that became entrepreneurs.

Life is too short to slog away at a job you hate.  Reconnect with your passion and pivot your career towards something that will make you happy and excited.  It’s worth the effort.

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