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Do Spirit Guides Pull You Out of Your Body When You’re Dying?

Occasionally readers email to ask if spirit guides or angels or someone on the other side can pull you out of your body before you die a horrible death, to spare you from pain and devastation.

The answer is yes, but only rarely and under certain conditions. Let’s look at those in detail.

Dying of Old Age

In my experience of speaking to people who have crossed over and also of witnessing their passings, people who are dying a natural death of old age tend to slip easily out of their bodies when the body dies. There is no intervention.

So for example, grandma dying of cancer with her family around her, is going to slip out of her body easily and completely but generally only at the time of death. So far I have not seen an intervention and premature removal of the soul from the body.

This is true at any age, actually. Not just for an elderly person, but for young people too who are dying of disease.

Those in a Coma

I have seen that sometimes people who are in comas are standing near their bodies, still tethered by their astral cord, to the physical vessel. They will not feel a devastating wrenching of their soul as the body finally succumbs to death, and therefore there is no intervention.

However, because these people are not conscious when they die, it will, in effect, be like they were removed or at least put on the sidelines and not experience death inside the body, but close to it. These passings are also easy and not jarring.

Those Who Die of an Impact

A sudden car accident, or a fall from a great height, can often result in a person’s soul being ejected from their body, at the moment of impact. A soul in this state might find themselves standing outside their body looking at it.

If the soul is ejected due to impact, and then the body dies, this soul will not have experienced the pain of impact. This is not an intervention, per se. It’s more a result of sudden impact, not divine intervention.

If the soul is not ejected due to the impact, it will feel the horrific pain of the impact and the body may continue to live for moments, or hours if medical intervention arrives in time.

So generally speaking, even a death by impact that is a “done deal” does not guarantee an intervention. The other side will not remove a soul whose body has the chance of living.

Divine Intervention

So under what circumstances could someone receive a divine intervention and not have to experience a horrible, painful death?

When there is no hope of surviving an incident, a person may be pulled out of their body and not have to experience their death, for example a person falling from a non-survivable height can be pulled out of their body midway down and only watch their body impact. There is no pain.

I’ve also seen a few situations where someone has overdosed and they are not physically dead but they are pulled out of their bodies to await the outcome of possible medical intervention. Sort of like being put in a waiting room. If that intervention comes, back into their bodies they go. If the body succumbs to the overdose it will have been spared the actual death experience, the cord will sever and the afterlife process will be initiated.

Who Gets an Intervention and Who Doesn’t?

If the other side has the ability to pull people out of their bodies before they die, why don’t they do that for everyone?

In some cases, their hands are tied. The state of the physical body and the likelihood of human medical intervention prevents them from being able to remove someone from their body.

In some cases, your soul does not wish such an intervention. As gruesome as it may sound, death is part of the deal when you incarnate into a physical body. You may have checked the box “Don’t intervene in case of imminent death” on your checklist before you got here. Thus there will be no intervention.

In other cases, there is no time to pull you out before you die. I know of one man who was blown up in a gas explosion. That was an instant trip to the other side. He walked into a situation he should not have walked into and with no warning and no chance to escape, he was blown to smithereens. His guides could not have pulled him out of his body any sooner than the explosion did.

The most common factor I’ve seen in terms of intervention is where there is zero hope for survival and there is time for the guides to pull you out. A fall from a tall building, for example, would be a good candidate, but again, not if you checked the box “no interventions, please.”


I know the thought of experiencing an agonizing death is something we all want to avoid, but I’ll throw this out there. It’s part of the package, it’s part of the deal we make before we take physical form. Avoiding the moment of death is like muting the end of a movie you’ve been invested in for 2 hours.

Death lasts but a moment, really. Dying might be uncomfortable, painful, or agonizing, but the release of your soul from your body (the death part) is actually really beautiful. It completes your incarnation. It is but a moment in time of your entire soul’s journey through many lives. Most people do want to be present for it.

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