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Should You Let Good Spirits Stay in Your Home?

Recently a reader sent me this question: “Erin, my family and I moved to a lovely but very old home in Delaware. Almost immediately we noticed some light paranormal activity. My daughters and I can distinctly feel the presence of a woman and a child in the home, and we hear footsteps at night, and odd noises during the day. They haven’t done anything dangerous or harmful. Is it okay to let them stay in the house or should we try to find someone who can cross them over?”

I have received variations on this question over the years, and people will have different ideas about what’s appropriate or not. This is what I think.

The vast majority of people who die cross over easily and well. They are not lingering on Earth, they are not hanging around, they are much more likely to go into the light and reunite with their loved ones on the other side.

On rare occasions, some spirits do resist crossing over and want to stay connected to Earth and continue to spend time here, even without their bodies.

Usually I see this among people who have committed atrocious violent crimes, because they are afraid that they will be judged harshly on the other side and forced to go to Hell. So they feed off the energy of the living to remain in limbo.

So what you have to ask yourself is this. Are these spirits you’re feeling actually kindly? Or are they masquerading their true form so you won’t kick them out?

Sometimes a violent spirit will portray itself to humans as something harmless. But that spirit can easily turn on you if you give it permission to hang around. It’s utilizing someone’s energy to stick around, and that person is you and your family.

Secondly, it may not be spirits of people who have died. It might be a low vibration entity that’s inhabiting your home. It will feed on your energy like you’re a battery, which can make it stronger over time, and cause you to become weaker, sick, or mentally impaired. It’s like the age-old tale of vampires who can’t enter your home unless you invite them. By keeping spirits in your home, you are essentially inviting them to stay, and stay they will, until they become so strong that it may not be easy at all to remove them.

So let’s say it’s really a woman and a child, and they’re hanging around Earth for whatever reason. This is not what we want. Lingering in limbo is not a healthy state of being. All humans are better off crossing over, sloughing off this particular life, and reuniting with their loved ones on the other side. That is the natural cycle of life and incarnation.

Additionally, if you let benevolent spirits stay in your home, they are acting as a beacon to other passing spirits who may also land in your home to see what the party is all about, and then you’ve got a nest of nasties that will be vastly difficult to remove.

Your home is your sacred personal space. If you detect paranormal activity in your home, I urge you to find a qualified paranormal investigation team who can remove or help them cross over. A skilled medium can assist you as well. And in a pinch, if you know what you’re doing, you can cross them over yourself.

But don’t play with them, encourage them, or let them stay. It’s not good for anyone.

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