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I Can Tell You When You’re Going to Die

During readings, a lot of people ask me when they are going to die. Many people live with the belief that your death date is pre-determined, that you chose how and when you were going to die long before you incarnated on Earth.

People also believe that we come here with certain “exit” periods in mind. For example, maybe there was an exit planned when you were 16, and another one when you were 28, and another at 55, and maybe another at 78. And if you don’t take the exit at age 16 that you are safe until you are 28, and if you miss that one, you’re safe until you’re 55, and so on.

I do not believe that your death is pre-determined. To me that makes no sense. If your death is pre-determined, and that death is caused by someone murdering you, then that means another soul had to pre-plan murdering you so you would die “on time” in the planned way.

If you are “destined” to be killed by a drunk driver, that means plans were made on the other side for that driver to drink on that night, get in a car, and kill you. Sucks to be that driver, doesn’t it? No free will, just an edict from beyond to do something really stupid so you can die “on time.”

I can, however, tell you exactly when you will die.

You will die when the physical body you’re in becomes incapable of supporting life any longer.

So if you smoke for 50 years and get lung cancer because of it, your body will cease to function at the exact moment when it can no longer sustain your life or hold you together.

If you go driving at 2 in the morning drunk as a skunk and you hit a tree, your death will occur at the exact moment your injuries become too severe to repair.

Your date and time of death is 100% determined by the state of your physical body. When it dies, you die. When it gives out, you go back to the ether, your ride is over.

Throughout your life, you will be impacted by the free will decisions of yourself and others. Through no fault or intention of your own, someone may accidentally kill you. Or you may decide to destroy your physical body through suicide so that you can be done living this life.

You might get sick, you might get hurt, you might be exposed to toxic substances or radiation.

The body is your shell. It shields and houses your soul. It cannot house it forever. Eventually the physical body wears out or is broken beyond repair, and your soul is ejected, completely safe and intact, and goes back to the ether. Your body goes back to the earth, it’s purpose served.

So the better you take care of the body, and the more you avoid dangerous activities, and the less you ingest toxic substances, the longer you will live. There’s a lot that is indeed under your control.

Beware of those who predict your death. Unless you are on your actual deathbed, they really have no way of knowing when you will die.

Protect your body as best you can and live your best life for as long as you can. Don’t worry about when you’re going to physically die, concern yourself more with how you are going to really live.

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