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Life Isn’t Always a Mountain You Must Climb

A lot of clients come to me wanting to know what their life purpose is. They want to know what they are “supposed” to be doing, or what career path to take that will satisfy that life purpose.

I’ve written about this topic a few times but I want to add an insight.

First, not everyone incarnates with some grand purpose. I like to say that we incarnate with an intention, not a purpose. Maybe you intend to advance science or medicine. Maybe you intend to help others or be of service to humanity. Maybe you intend to champion those who cannot speak for themselves.

These are all worthy intentions if they are truly why you incarnated. While you’re here, you may accomplish your intention or you may decide to take another path. Free will trumps all plans you had before you incarnated. You are allowed to alter your intentions and plans to something else if you desire.

But there’s another reason that people incarnate on Earth. Some souls come here simply to experience the physicality of having a body, of being on a planet, of having vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Sometimes a soul comes here to relax, to see breathtaking views, to engage in sexual union, to have fun, to play, to explore, to see the world, to feel the energy of various places on Earth. That in and of itself is a worthy intention.

So sometimes when I’m doing a reading for someone who is frustrated because “nothing calls to them” and there isn’t anything they feel drawn to do, it’s because it was never their intention to have some overriding goal.

Not everyone comes here to scale the mountain of life and make it to the top. Some people come here to sit by a proverbial lake and listen to the waterfall and the birds singing. Some people came here to walk in nature or bask in the sun. Some people just want to be here to relax.

What happens to those people when they interact with societal norms? They are pressured to get a job, to rise to the top, to pick a path and stick with it until they are rich and can retire.

This causes great anxiety in people who came here to relax. They feel inadequate, lost, and like they are lesser citizens. But they are not. It is humanity and history and the need to obtain resources that drive societal norms to get a job or make a ton of money.

To those of you who came here to chill out, you will have to find a way to obtain the resources necessary to live, but that can take many forms.

I have some clients who work really hard 6 months out of the year and then take 6 months off to simply relax. I have some clients who purposely married someone with money whose partner is happy to let them pursue their hobbies without fear that they will be homeless.

I have clients who get very high paying jobs but live a minimalist lifestyle so they can retire at the age of 30 with millions in the bank to live on the rest of their life. I also have clients who join communal living cultures where money isn’t really present but everyone has what they need.

If you’re sitting there wondering why you have no passion or drive with regards to your career or your pursuit of money, it may be because that was never your soul’s intention. Don’t let societal norms dictate what you’re supposed to care about.

Life isn’t a race to the top of a mountain. Life is what you want it to be. Find a way to support your lifestyle on your terms. It’s worth the effort to figure it out.

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