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How Will You Connect with Loved Ones on the Other Side if They’ve Reincarnated?

One of the questions I receive most often is a variation of this: “If I die and go to the afterlife, how will I see my deceased loved ones if they’ve already reincarnated?”

Let me explain how this works using an analogy I use often.

You’ve got your higher self, and you’ve got all the lives your higher self spawns.

Your higher self is like an actor, let’s say Keanu Reeves. And the Keanu soul decides to take a role on Earth and have a life. Let’s call that life Ted “Theodore” Logan from his movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Keanu does the Ted role and embodies that character while he’s filming the movie. But at all times he is still Keanu Reeves, the actor, playing a role.

When he’s done playing Ted, he goes on to another role, for example, Neo, in The Matrix. He plays that role as that character, and when he’s done filming, he releases the Neo character and awaits his next role.

Next he decides to play John Wick. The whole time he is playing John Wick, he is still and always will be Keanu Reeves playing various characters in the movie that is Earth.

Likewise, you have a higher self who is currently playing the character you are right now. When you are done playing this character, you will slough off this identify and return to the ether as your “actor” self, your higher self.

You will greet all the other actors you know. Some of them might be mid-movie, playing a role on Earth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with them.

Now if you’re Trinity, expecting to hook up with Neo on the other side, you will be disappointed. You are Trinity, sloughing off the Trinity character and becoming Carrie Ann Moss, who will greet Keanu (not Neo) when she crosses over.

Does that mean that your loved ones aren’t who you remember them to be? Does that mean that the soul you knew as your mom in this life is actually someone entirely different on the other side who doesn’t know you or care about you? No.

Your higher self and their higher selves absolutely know and love each other. Just like actors who stay friends with their co-stars and even do multiple movies with them, you will reconnect with your loved ones when you cross over, even if they are already reincarnated. They are not physically gone from the ether; they are just working a new role in a new movie.

I hope that made sense. But the long and short of it is this… even if a loved one has chosen to reincarnate, you will still reconnect with their higher self on the other side, and they will remember that they were your mother or father, or child, partner, friend, etc.

You will also reconnect with all the souls who played your loved ones in previous lifetimes. You don’t just have your current family and loved ones to look forward to greeting on the other side. You have a plethora of loved ones from many lives that are waiting to welcome you back and congratulate you on another journey to Earth.

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