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Do Spirit Guides Ever Guide You Wrong So You Will Learn Lessons?

Recently someone asked me this: “I feel like my spirit guides purposely sent me down a path that would be disastrous just so I would learn a valuable lesson. Do spirit guides purposely nudge you in a direction where they know the consequence will be disastrous, just to teach us a lesson?”

The job of your spirit guides is to help you achieve the intention you set for yourself before you were born, and also to alter that plan if you make a free will decision to release those intentions and create new ones.

For example, if your higher self chose to incarnate with the intention to teach people about oneness and compassion, your spirit guides will nudge you and send you signals designed to help you achieve that.

But once you are incarnated, if you decide you don’t really care to teach people about oneness and compassion, and instead you just want to have the most physically pleasing life possible, they will adjust their nudges and help you experience the most physically pleasing life possible.

They might, upon occasion, check to see if you’re interested in going back to your original intention, but they will never force you.

When spirit guides get together and decide how to best help you, they are considering all the variables currently in your life and how they could bring or nudge or guide new variables into your sphere.

So for example, if you decide you want to climb Mount Everest, you may suddenly notice a YouTube video about it, or a new co-worker mentions they want to climb Mount Everest, or someone gives you a book about how to prepare for the climb.

But your guides will never guide you down a destructive path just to teach you a lesson. If you find yourself going down a destructive path, chances are your guides are fervently trying to stop you, but they are at the mercy of your free will. They cannot force you down a path and they cannot rescue you from foolhardy paths if you ignore their warnings and guidance.

If you develop a gambling addiction, for example, that isn’t your guides sending you on a financially destructive path. That’s you getting a thrill from gambling and deciding to ignore reason and pursue your addiction.

Behind the scenes your guides are pulling out their metaphorical hair and trying to wake you up so you stop gambling.

Your guides are always sending you constructive, practical guidance. Whether you choose to listen to it is your choice. And if you do go down a destructive path and recover from it, you might learn a lesson about it, but that’s just a natural consequence to a cause and effect chain begun with your initial destructive behavior.

Some people don’t learn a lesson from the effects and go right back down that rabbit hole.

So no, your spirit guides will never send you down a bad path to teach you a lesson. It behooves us all to listen to our guides so we don’t have to constantly fall down and pick ourselves back up. If that’s how you want to live life, that’s totally fine, but there is no requirement for you to suffer in order to learn something. If someone tells you that fire will burn you, you don’t always have to stick your hand in the fire to find out.

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