7 Places to Visit AFTER You Die

Being a soul tucked safely away in a physical body allows us to experience a physical incarnation. That is until our physical bodies break down or get too sick to support life anymore and then we croak.

The physical body has limits. It doesn’t like extreme heat, cold, or high altitude. There are places on Earth that our physical bodies cannot dwell.

But once you’ve sloughed off your body, the sky’s the limit really! Before you cross over you could actually visit some of the places your body only dreamed of visiting.

Here are some ideas.

Mt. Everest
If you ever dreamed about standing on top of the world, dream no more! Once you are dead you can just zip right up Mt. Everest and take in the view. No worries about breathing or the cold. Stay as long as you like. No Sherpa needed.

The Great Pyramids
Ever wonder what’s inside of one of the incredible pyramids that are off limits to mere mortals? Wonder no more. Head right on into your favorite pyramid and explore its depths and tombs and see for yourself what’s buried inside.

The Mariana Trench
This trench is located in the Pacific Ocean and is the deepest trench known to exist. After you die you can check it out easily without worrying about breathing or the pressure exerted on your body. Feel free to look for sea monsters while you’re down there and don’t worry about being eaten.

Active Volcanoes
If you’ve ever had the insane desire to peek inside an active volcano while it was spewing ash and lava, then your death day is your lucky day! Pop on over to your favorite volcano and get a close look. No worrying about singed eyebrows.

The Moon
If you’ve ever wondered what’s really on the dark side of the moon or what’s in the middle of that “space station,” now you can see for yourself. When you’re done checking out the inner workings of the moon you might as well pop over to Mars and see for yourself what’s going on there. You can safely visit any celestial body without worrying about breathing, freezing, or burning up. Go wild!

Lost Places
While you’re zipping along on your afterlife world tour, see if you can find Atlantis or other sunken and lost cities. Pop around the Bermuda Triangle. See if you can find Amelia Earhart. Take a closer look at the Titanic.

Secret Spaces
There are a lot of places that are off limits to most people. Once you are a spirit, who is going to stop you from taking a tour of any place you want to visit? Easter Island, Stonehenge, Illuminati headquarters, Area 51, the Vatican’s secret archives, North Korea’s fabled Room 39, just to name a few.

While it’s true you won’t be quite as interested in these places as you probably were when you were alive, you will still carry some of that curiosity with you into the afterlife. Go ahead and indulge. There’s nothing stopping you at that point!

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