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Do We Have Pre-Planned Exits in Life?

Sometimes my readers ask me if there are any pre-planned points in our life where we might exit, meaning that we die.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you probably know that I don’t believe our lives are pre-determined whatsoever.

I do believe we incarnate with certain intentions, but there are no guarantees at all that those intentions will manifest. Successfully manifesting a life intention involves the free will actions you take to accomplish those intentions. You can be derailed along the way or you can get to those goals faster if you work faster at achieving them.

So my answer about whether or not there are pre-planned exits in life is an emphatic no. You are not slated to die on a given day, or days. There are no death-date options.

Why do people feel like there are exit points then?

I think that sometimes when we have completed a major milestone, some people think they have the opportunity to exit the freeway of life before starting another leg of the journey.

Also people think that if life becomes too hard and they start thinking about dying that it means Fate (or whoever) is offering them a chance to stop playing the game of life and go back to the ether.

It is very normal to feel like you want to exit this life; we all have our struggles.

But you are in charge of your existence, and you can decide to end it whether you’re at an “exit” point or you just don’t feel like playing the game any longer.

There are no beings on the other side coming to you with an exit option. “Hello, Frances, that was a pretty bad breakup with Horace. Would you like to come home now? Or would you like to keep playing? Press 1 to die now, press 2 to keep playing.”

No. You die when your body can no longer support life. That will happen in the natural course of things, or there may be a murder, accident, or suicide.

To sum up, there are no exit points. Enjoy the journey!

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