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Do My Deceased Loved Ones Know How I Really Felt About Them?

Often during readings my clients want to know if their deceased loved ones become fully aware on the other side of what their still living loved ones really thought about them.

“Does my mom know that I loved her even though we fought like cats and dogs?”

“Does my friend understand the reason I was so mean to him was because I was in emotional pain?”

“Does my husband know that because of his constant abuse I often wished him dead?”

The simple answer is yes.

Our deceased loved ones gain access to all of that knowledge when they cross over. They know how you really felt about them. They know what secrets you kept from them. They know how you helped them and what sacrifices you made for them.

They know everything.

They also know how much pain they caused you. They can see how you struggled even when you hid it from them to spare their feelings. They can see the energy they wove into your tapestry, and they can see whether it helped you or hurt you.

There are no secrets.

They know you got an abortion without telling them you were pregnant. They know you cheated on them. They know you spoke ill of them behind their back. They know you stole from them.

They know you stayed up crying all night because of one thing they said to you that broke your soul.

They know every lie you ever told them.

But it’s okay. They aren’t there to judge you, or become angry, or get vengeance, or feel betrayed.

When you reach the afterlife you gain understanding. You feel love. You remember that all humans struggle and do the best they can. You forgive.

If you are horrified right now because you’re thinking about terrible things you did to your deceased loved ones while they were here, don’t be. They are not thinking ill of you. They are understanding of why you did what you did or said what you said. They get it. And you will too when you cross over.

To that end, however, consider your actions going forward. Be kind to others. Be honest with your loved ones. Get things out in the open. Live a life that you don’t have to worry about having revealed to a loved one on the other side.

Be excellent to each other.

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