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Does Your Higher Self Interfere in This Life’s Journey?

Your higher self is your soul – your oversoul really – the root part of you that lives in the ether and sends part of its essence to Earth when it chooses to take a physical existence.

Your higher self is the one who makes the decision on whether or not to incarnate and have another life on Earth. Your higher self does this to experience physicality.

I like to use the analogy of a gamer playing a character in a video game. Your higher self is the gamer who creates the character that incarnates on Earth.

The person reading this article, that’s you, is the character your higher self spawned in order to have a physical existence.

So once your higher self spawns their character, how involved are they in managing that character’s path?

Your higher self determines in advance what kind of physical existence it’s looking to have. Maybe it wants to contribute to the medical knowledge on Earth, maybe it wants travel or to engage in extreme sport activity, maybe it wants a quiet existence in a seaside village off the coast of an untouched island.

Whatever your higher self intends, it will try to spawn its new character to be in a position to achieve that. So for example, if it wants to contribute to medical knowledge it may choose parents who are doctors, researchers, or who are very sick.

If it wants to live quietly untouched by civilization it will look for parents already living in the quiet village.

But once the character is created and sent to Earth, the higher self will let things roll naturally, because free will is the name of the game here on Earth. Whatever decisions you make determine the life you will have.

Your higher self can remind you of your intentions. Your higher self also enlists the aid of spirit guides to help remind you why you came here. But your higher self won’t take direct action to steer you in a specific direction.

That doesn’t mean the higher self abandons you while you’re here. It just means your higher self won’t write your story for you. They will hand you a canvas and some paint and brushes but it’s up to you to decide what kind of life you will paint for yourself.

When I tune in to my higher self, I do so to remember who I really am when I’m not just being Erin. My higher self remembers all my incarnations and can show me my soul’s journey on Earth. My higher self can provide me with spiritual and emotional comfort when I feel like I’m alone. And my higher self can imbue me with strength and fortitude as I traverse life’s difficult moments.

When you pass away you will re-merge with your higher self. You will bring all of this life’s experiences to your higher self to incorporate into the tapestry that is the sum total of all your incarnations.

But this life and your journey belong to you. Your higher self will get you started, but you have to take the ball and run with it after you’re born.

Be a deliberate creator and make this a life you desire.

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