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Make a Life Review List

When you pass away, one of the first things you will experience on the other side is a life review.

You will witness your life from beginning to end, and that’s going to be very eye-opening, nostalgic, beautiful, but maybe also a little uncomfortable depending on how you conducted yourself while you were alive.

Your life review is not designed to be any sort of punishment, it’s there to provide perspective and understanding.

You will witness how your actions affected others, both positively and negatively.  You will get to see what would have happened if you had made different choices in life.  And you will also feel the joy and the pain you put into the lives of others.

You also get your questions answered. For example:

“Back in third grade when I accused Cassie of stealing my lunch money, did she actually steal it or did I lose it?”

“When I accused my husband of cheating on me and he denied it, was he telling the truth?”

“When I gave the homeless teenager $60 because he said he needed a bus ticket home, did he actually use it for that purpose?”

And so on.

You may wonder if these sorts of things will matter to you once you’ve croaked, and the answer is that it depends on the person.  

I’m sure some of you reading this are making a mental list of questions you need answered before you can move on, and some of you are thinking, “Who cares?  It won’t make a difference once I’m dead and can’t do anything about it.”  

And that’s fine.  It all comes down to curiosity.

I, myself, intend to keep my guides so busy with questions and “what if” scenarios that they will have to set aside half an eternity to answer them all.  I’m sure they are excited to know this. 

As I go through life, I make a mental note to ask about certain things when I’m dead.  I believe that making a mental note causes a sort of ethereal list to be formed so that when I arrive on the other side my questions are all right there in front of someone.

I urge you to do the same if you’re the curious sort.  If not, trust that when you get to the other side you will have an opportunity to get all your questions answered.

Get excited, people!  It’s going to be awesome!

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