Leave People to Their Beliefs

I got an email recently from someone asking if I thought it was true that we should shut off our chakras because they are actually an alien program to get control of us.  

At first, I sort of laughed at the absurdity of that, but then I realized a lot of what I espouse will seem equally ridiculous to those who don’t believe in psychics, life after death, reincarnation, and spirit guides.  These are things I take for granted because of the work I do and the experiences I’ve had.

People view the world through various lenses; we have experiences and we draw conclusions about the world based on those experiences.  You can’t just go around expecting people to adopt a new belief because you say it’s what you believe.

But you can be a beacon.  You can embody your beliefs and share them with those who ask.  You can inform people about what you believe but there is no need to require them to change their beliefs to get along with you.

We are all sailing down the river of life.  For some, the ride will be serene, beautiful, and easy.  For others it might be a raging torrent, dashing them against the sharp rocks, as they come upon a steep waterfall.

Leave people to their beliefs.  If they want to believe in God or the Devil, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or that the universe is run by cats, let them.  It is their right to believe whatever they desire.

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