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Ouija Boards: Demonic Soul-Stealer or Harmless Game?

It’s been more than a decade since I’ve written about Ouija boards, but recently on my public Facebook wall I asked people if they had ever used a Ouija board, whether it worked for them, and whether the experience was positive or negative.

For those who had tried a Ouija board and successfully saw movement of the planchette, most said the experience was negative.

I am not surprised.  It’s genuinely difficult to have a positive experience with a spirit through a Ouija board.  It’s not impossible, but unlikely.  

Here is everything you need to know about Ouija boards before you even bring one into your home.

Is the board itself demonic?

No, it’s a piece of wood with a plastic planchette made by a company that mass produces it.  Nothing bad can happen to you if you simply put a brand new Ouija board in your home.

Can a Ouija board be used to contact real spirits?

Yes, a Ouija board is a divination tool just like a pendulum, tarot cards, dowsing rods, and tea leaves.  If you give spirits permission, they will use your physical body to manipulate the tool(s) in your hand.

Will only good spirits come through?

Ah, there’s the rub.  Imagine going to your front door and opening it and yelling out into the air, “Here kitty kitty!” but while you’re waiting for your kitty to come back inside, a bee, 3 mosquitos, and a cricket also come in the door.

Before you open a door, make sure you know what wants to come in.  And make sure you control the entry.

How do you control what comes in and what doesn’t?

You are the door, and you are opening yourself to spirit.  So before you touch a Ouija board do a meditation to raise your vibration and make sure you only invite high vibrational spirits to your session.  Ask your spirit guides and angelic energies to protect you.

Don’t go into a session scared and spooked or you will attract scary, spooky spirits.  Maybe play some meditation music, light some candles, burn some incense; whatever puts YOU in a high vibration.

Can you use the Ouija board alone?

You should never use the board alone.  If you do, and something goes wrong, you won’t have anyone to help you break your connection. 

How many people should be touching the planchette then?

Two to four and that’s it.  Too many fingers on the planchette can weigh it down and prevent movement that’s trying to happen.  If you have four people on the planchette, each person should only lay two fingers from one hand on the planchette.  If you have two people, use both hands and each person should put their index and middle fingers on the planchette.

How do you invite a spirit to communicate?

One of you should say out loud, “Greetings, spirit world, we would like to ask that a high vibrational being come to us to answer our questions.  If you are of ill intent you may not pass through our protection.”

How long does it take for a spirit to start communicating?

In my experience, it can take a few seconds, or a few minutes, depending on the strength and experience of the spirit coming through.  Be super patient and wait at least 5 minutes before you conclude no one is there.

Can spirits spell?

Yes, because they are using your energy and then your energy translates it into your dominant language. However, a lot of times you will get what appears to be nonsense coming through the board.  This can happen if the spirit is not very strong, or if the people its speaking through cannot maintain a strong connection.

Does it feel weird to channel a spirit through one’s hands?

I usually feel a tingle in the palm of my hand and then a pulling sensation.  The first time it happened it was so strange.  It’s not painful, but you can tell something is there.  But I also know people who feel nothing out of the ordinary at all and can still channel a spirit.

Will the Ouija board work for anyone who tries it?

No, apparently it won’t.  I’ve done it with many people and the combination of people on the planchette seems to be key.  In one session there were four of us and all of us were professional intuitives.  The planchette really got flying when it was me and one other gal.  When the guys were on it with us, it moved slowly or not at all. So you may need to try it with various people, and you yourself may not be a good conduit so prepare for that as well.

Should we write down what we’re getting?

Yes, it’s a great idea to have someone sitting nearby who can write down all the letters you get.  Sometimes it’s not clear when a spirit finishes a word, and sometimes they know to pause.  If you write everything down you can sort through it later.  And it also prevents you from having to remember long passages.

What sort of information will come through?

Usually the information is either personal to someone in the room or general like celestial universal wisdom.  You can ask questions or just ask for a message.  Once it stops moving, ask another question.  You can also release one spirit and ask for another.

Can I talk to deceased relatives or spirit guides via a Ouija Board?

Yes, if they are willing and available.  Often you’re going to attract a spirit who is just passing by and sees your “light” on.  Additionally, some spirits will masquerade as loved ones so you need to be careful what you trust.  If the information coming through is like, “Hey, Johnny, you should kill your little sister” that’s probably not your deceased grandmother.

Can using a Ouija board cause a demon to steal your soul?

That’s the money question right there, isn’t it?  When you open yourself up for spirit to use your body and/or hands to communicate via a Ouija board you are letting them have a temporary pass to interact with your body and your soul.  This is obviously why it’s important to protect yourself, and ensure you only invite high vibrational souls into the situation.

If things start to get dicey, and you feel something spreading through your body (warmth, tingling, pain, fear, a strong desire to strangle your friends) you’ll want to release that planchette like it’s a deadly snake.  This is another reason why it’s good to have other people nearby, because if they notice you’re struggling they can break the connection even if you can’t (or don’t want to).

Soul-stealing is an insanely difficult thing for a spirit to do, even if you say out loud, “Hey demon, come and get me.  I’m all yours.”  But you don’t want an entity influencing you, or taking your energy, or causing you to be mentally altered.

What is the point of putting yourself at risk to play this “game?”

People like to connect to the other side, and technically a Ouija board can help you do that.  Like any divination tool, you have to be prepared, be safe, be open, but not be gullible.  If you do get into trouble, or have strong urges to play with it on your own, you may want to get rid of it to remove the temptation.

Better safe than sorry!

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