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Are Abusive People Also Abusive in the Afterlife?

Periodically I receive questions from readers asking if we carry our personalities from this life over into the afterlife.

If a person is angry and abusive in this life, are they angry and abusive in death?

If you were married to an abusive partner, do you have to see them on the other side?  And would they still treat you poorly once you get there?

Here’s what you need to know before you get to the afterlife.

We are characters in a play

When we incarnate, we grow and develop our personalities, behaviors, and habits based on how we were raised, how we choose to conduct ourselves, and as reactions to things that happen to us.

Think of yourself like a character in a movie.  You act out the part you choose to play.  And that may mean you are abusive, angry, or mean to others.  It might also mean you are compassionate, caring, and a delight to others.  It’s your choice.

You can change your behavior anytime you desire

Your soul is not your character

When you die, you release your body, and you let go of any emotional and mental anguish you may have suffered in life.

You also stop being abusive and horrible because the play is over, your part is done, and you are no longer the character you were playing.

Now you are the actor again.  A blank slate.  Full of memories of your time in the play, sure, but no longer bound to play that character any longer.

There are no longer any triggers or causes for you to feel anger, anguish, anxiety, or depression.  

You remember your self

Once you are on the other side, you remember who you really are; a soul who has played many parts in many lives.  A soul that is loved unconditionally.  A soul that is part of creation and Source.

You are no longer the character you played in your last play.  You are your higher self.  You understand how things really work and you lose all desire to hurt others.

Will you have to see an abusive partner on the other side?

It will be your choice whether you reconnect with a soul who, in this life, may have been abusive towards you.  You are not forced to reconnect with anyone.

But you may be surprised to find you want to.  Not only is your abuser done being abusive, you are done being vulnerable to that abuse.

Think about two actors who may have played the hero and the villain in a movie.  When the movie is done filming, these two actors may be the best of friends, but while in their roles, they tried to kill each other.

So give it a moment, see how you feel when you get there.  Nothing will force a reunion you don’t want to have.

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