Can You Alter Your Life Purpose?

Many people believe you incarnate with a purpose, for example to cure cancer, to create a spiritual shift, to climb Mt. Everest, to save lives.  

Sometimes during readings people will ask me what their life purpose is, or they will tell me they know their life purpose but have no desire to fulfill it, or they will tell me they can’t get it done, that their purpose seems impossible.

I’ve explained before my philosophy on this.

You don’t incarnate with a purpose; you incarnate with an intention.  Just like when you go to an amusement park you may intend to ride Space Mountain but when you get there you change your mind, or the ride is closed, or the line is longer than you can tolerate, or you find some other ride interests you more.

Are you allowed to alter your plan once you incarnate?  Yes!

Won’t you disappoint your spirit guides?  No.  They work for you.  They were “hired” by your higher self to help your intentions come to fruition, but if you change your mind midway through life, that’s okay.

Your higher self will pass along new directives to your spirit guides and they will help you manifest your new intentions.

But what if your life intention was to cure cancer and now you decide to do something else?  Doesn’t that impact the lives of millions of people for the worse?

What you have to remember is that there are many people on Earth working on the same or similar goals.  You alone are not responsible for “saving the planet.”  

You are allowed to stop running the race and sit down and rest if you want. Other people will continue to run that same race.

Likewise, if you came here with the intention to relax, to be on a “physicality” vacation, but you get so inspired while you’re here soaking up the sun that you decide you want to manifest a huge goal, you can!

You can pivot and shift your intentions to be anything you want.

Won’t your higher self be disappointed when you get back to the ether?

No.  Your higher self knows in advance that once you incarnate, your free will, your experiences, the people around you, and your choices all determine your path and your desires.  Your higher self just wants you to live the life you desire.

Do not feel guilty, lazy or disappointed if you change your mind about your life intention.  You are allowed to cruise through this life any way you desire. There is no judgment.

**If you’re not sure what your intentions were when you incarnated, book a reading with me and your guides will tell you.

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