Can You Ask for Specific Signs from Your Spirit Guides?

A reader sent me this question recently:

Whenever I’m trying to make a decision between two options, I tell my spirit guides “If you want me to choose option A, show me a blue feather and if you want me to choose option B, show me a blue Cadillac Escalade on the freeway.”  But this doesn’t always work, Erin.  Does it mean my guides don’t want me to take either option?  

Spirit guides love it when you tune in to them to seek guidance on specific decisions you need to make.  If you know how to tune in to your guides, great.  If not, you can either learn how to do it, or you may need to rely on your guides to send you signs, signals, and synchronicities, which you then tie to certain decisions you need to make.

But if you assign signs like a blue feather, or a specific car, you are really tying their hands.  What if they want you to choose option B but there is not one blue Cadillac Escalade within 25 miles of you?  

They would send you the sign in a different way, but you won’t notice because you’ll be too focused on looking for a blue feather or a specific car.  You will miss your sign.

Instead of you assigning options, simply tell your guides to send you a clear sign that is obvious to you about what you should do.

For example, if your options are to stay at your current company or accept a job at another company, perhaps you suddenly run into your boss after hours at a restaurant.  

But one sign does not a decision make!  I have always told my guides if they want to get my attention I’m going to need to see the sign three times or three different ways, so there could be no doubt in my mind as to what they are trying to tell me.

I’ve told the story in my blog before but one time I was driving and saw a car with the license plate “Depeche” and a few minutes later saw another car with the license plate, “Mode.”  When I got to my destination the song playing in the building was “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode.  The lyrics to the song helped me with a problem I was having.

Your guides will look for creative and definitive ways to send you signs.  You may miss some, you may misinterpret some, which is why I highly recommend learning to connect with your spirit guides on your own.

Your spirit guides are eager to assist you in navigating your life path. Don’t tie their hands.

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