What Are You Packing?

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to do an inventory.  Take stock of what’s present in your life and decide if you want to carry it forward into the new year.

Think of your life like you’re packing a suitcase, and you can only fit so much in it.  If you had to decide what to pack and what to carry for the next year, what would you pack, and what would you leave behind?

Grudges are a big one.  Do you want to carry a grudge with you everywhere you go?  Or is it time to let go and forgive?  What else could you put in your suitcase if you didn’t have to continue to carry that grudge?

Toxic relationships and drama are another.  Do you want to carve out precious room in your suitcase to continue to deal with toxic people or those that bring too much drama to your life?  Or is it time to leave those relationships behind so you can welcome new, more positive relationships into your sphere?

What about your job?  Is it time to make a transition?  Go to school?  Get a new certification? Ask for a raise or promotion?  Ask yourself this question, “At the end of this year do I still want to be doing what I’m doing now?” and if not, make a plan to transition to something better, or try something new.

Examine your health.  Is there something in your diet you want to leave behind?  Do you want to pack some daily or weekly exercise into that suitcase?  Drink more water?  Snack less? Drink less alcohol?  Give up smoking?  Ask yourself how you want to feel at the end of this year and see what you think you can add in or remove from your life to make that better.

Self-love.  This is a big one.  Do you have room in your suitcase to carry some extra love for yourself?  Forgive yourself for what you may have done in your past, and walk forward with renewed self-love.  Is there a practice or routine you can add to your life such as meditation, a spa day, a trip with family or friends, or a retreat just by yourself?  Plan your self-care so you know it gets done.

The suitcase you carry should be packed full of the things you love, cherish, and that bring you joy.

What are you packing right now?

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