Screw the Lesson

I received this email from a reader recently, “Erin, I’m having a really hard time with my husband.  He’s mean, controlling, domineering, and abusive.  I know I’m supposed to learn a lesson from this, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.  Can you help me?”

I do not believe we are here to learn lessons.  I don’t believe we come to Earth to suffer until we “learn the lesson” in that suffering.

I believe we come here to experience joy and all that physicality has to offer.

Will we learn lessons along the way?  Sure!

But it’s not our primary purpose or goal in incarnating.

When you are around a person or situation that makes you feel scared, upset, anxious, or bad about yourself the only lesson in that is to value yourself enough to remove yourself from the situation.

You are not obligated to remain in a vibration-lowering relationship or situation while you wait for a lesson to reveal itself to you.  Staying is not noble, it’s self-defeating of your primary purpose which is joy.

I’ve had clients tell me during readings that they feel they must “stick it out” because there “must be a lesson in here somewhere.”  They believe the situation or person will change.  

How long do you want to suffer while waiting for that to happen?  How many months, years, or decades will you give it before you finally say, “Enough, I deserve better?”

You deserve to be happy.  You deserve to have joy in your life.  You deserve peace.

Screw the “lesson.”  Claim the happiness and peace you are entitled to.  Move Heaven and Earth to guard your joy from people and situations that threaten to take them away from you.

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