How Detailed is Your Life Review?

When you pass away and return to the other side, you’re going to experience a life review.  This is an opportunity for you to see your life from beginning to end before you let it go and re-merge with your higher self.

During a life review you see all the events that had a major impact on your trajectory.  You see your life from the perspectives of people you interacted with, so if you were kind to them, you will feel their joy and appreciation, and if you were horrid, you’re going to feel their pain and sadness.

But how long does a life review take? Are you shown every little thing you ever did?  Every meal you had?  Every sexual encounter?  Every trip to the bathroom?


A life review is like watching a movie of your life. Sometimes the movie will fast forward, sometimes it will slow down, and sometimes it will pause for effect.

You’re going to zip past the mundane things you did that had very little or no impact on your trajectory, and you’re going to potentially spend a great deal of time on major incidents especially if you impacted a lot of people.  You’ll see it from all of their perspectives.

But you are also somewhat in control of the life review.  You can choose to focus on anything you want, to examine it more closely, to ask questions of your guides, to see the trajectories of the people you impacted so you know the full extent of what you did.

It’s powerful.  It can be uplifting.  It can be scary.

Your life review can raise you up, or bring you low.  You may decide to focus on the good or you may decide to focus on the bad.

In the end though, you will achieve understanding.  You will sigh with contentment and acceptance and say to yourself, “And so it was.”  There is no judgment.  There is no punishment other than that which you inflict on your own psyche.

To that I say to please practice self-love and forgiveness.  No one lives a perfect life.  It’s only natural that sometimes the decisions we make will negatively impact someone else.

Be kind in this life.  Do as little harm as you possibly can.  Set yourself up for an amazing, uplifting, positive life review by knowing you will reap what you sow.  Sow good things.

But in the end, you absolutely will forgive yourself and move on to the next adventure.  Give yourself grace.  It’s not easy being human.

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