Are the Eyes Really the Window to the Soul?

A reader sent me this question: “There are some cultures who believe that if you take a photo of someone that you capture their souls.  And there’s a saying that the eyes are the window to the soul. Is there anything to this belief?”

When I do readings for my clients, they send me a photo of their face and I ask them to send the photo without sunglasses.  My intuitive abilities are definitely activated when I look at a person’s eyes.  It’s what triggers the download for me.

I can also tune in by hearing a person’s voice, but I have found that my more dominant intuitive ability is that photo; in fact the photo is even stronger than being in person with my client.

In terms of the eyes being the window to the soul, I would say on some level that’s true.  There’s an energy exchange that flows between two people when they look each other in the eye.

If you want to feel an amazing and intense connection with someone, sit across from them and stare into each other’s eyes.  Not in a blank way where you’re checking out, but in a super-focused, I’m-looking-at-your-soul kind of way.  You’ll know it when you feel it.

See them.

See their true essence.

You could easily find yourself picking up intuitive information about a person simply by doing that exercise. Or even transferring information telepathically.

While I don’t believe a photo can “capture” a person’s soul, in the sense of having some sort of power or control over them, I can definitely see why some cultures may feel that way.  If you can look at someone’s soul anytime, as you could through a photo, then maybe you’re just feeling laid bare and open to their probing.

Experiment with eye-gazing and see what happens.  You’ll probably feel a strong connection to their soul.  It’s a delightful and intense way to show up for someone.

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