Do You Know When a Celebrity is About to Die? – Video

Do you know when celebrities will die?

Here is episode 3 of my YouTube Series where I answer reader questions.

Video Link: Do You Know When a Celebrity is About to Die? | Erin Pavlina Answers Reader Questions – Ep. 3

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In this episode, I answer the following questions:

  • Can you identify this entity?
  • How old were you when you realized you were psychic?
  • Can a kitten reincarnate as a human?
  • Can we see how we’ll look before we incarnate?
  • Can you sense when a celebrity will die?

If you missed the first two episodes, here are the links:

Episode 1: Do our pets hover after death?

Episode 2: How do I make sure I’m on the right path?

Thanks to everyone for watching! I appreciate it very much!

And feel free to submit your own question for a future video.

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