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Reincarnating Into a Wealthy Family

I speak a lot about the idea that you choose when to reincarnate.  No being on the other side requires you to take a physical incarnation.

So a lot of my readers will say “Well, then, I’m never coming back.  Life is too horrible.”  And I’ve discussed in other articles why you will likely change your mind when the times comes.

That invariably leads to the question, “Well if we choose when to come back and we choose our parents before we are born, why doesn’t every soul choose to incarnate into a wealthy or royal family?”

It’s a fair question.  I have two perspectives to share on that.

The first is this…

Wealthy people don’t automatically have great lives just because they have access to money.  Money and power don’t automatically make a person happy.  

If you look through history you’ll see that being a Crown Prince or Princess was often enough to get your head chopped off.  Being responsible for running an entire country is no easy feat.  You may not have to scrounge for food or beg for it on the street, and you may have access to beautiful clothes and fancy jewelry, but you may have to constantly stave off a coup as political forces conspire to steal your throne.

You could be exiled or thrown in a tower for safe-keeping, spending your entire life as a political prisoner and a pawn to politicans.

Wealthy people in today’s society are often pressured by their parents to take over a family business they want nothing to do with, or forced to behave in a way that goes against their own internal beliefs so they don’t embarrass their family.

The souls who choose to incarnate to wealthy families or royal families don’t necessarily have happy lives.  

And some of the most serene, peaceful, and loved people in the world live in small fishing villages with no internet, but close-nit ties with their community.

The second perspective I want to share is that most souls don’t come to Earth expecting or wanting to have an easy life.  Your soul wants experiences.  

Imagine if you made a character in a video game but, using cheat codes, you give your character 500,000 gold when most first level characters get 10.  Where is the challenge?  You can just buy your way to the end of the game.  You bypass all the learning and never have to problem-solve.  Where is the fun in that?

When you choose what life you’re going to have, you weigh a lot of factors.  So when you choose your parents and life circumstances, you will give yourself the best chance to manifest your life intention.  And that may involve discomfort, which is often the catalyst a person needs to change their lives or change the world.

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