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What To Do When Your Life is Ebbing

I was watching a video online this morning where a man asked another man, “How many red cars did you see when you were driving in today?”

The man replied, “I don’t know.  I wasn’t looking for any red cars.”

So the first guy says, “If I told you that tomorrow, for every red car you see, I’ll give you a $100, do you think you would notice the red cars?”

To which the other man replied, “Hell yeah!”

The first man replied, “Sometimes there’s an opportunity right in front of you and you don’t see it because you’re not looking for it, or you’re pre-occupied with something else.”

After I processed that video in my mind, I thought of how this relates to the Law of Attraction.  What we think about, we bring about. 

A lot of times we focus on what’s wrong in our lives.

“Business is slow, I’m not earning enough money.”

“I’m not dating anyone; I wish I had someone in my life.”

“I’m not sleeping well, I’m up half the night.”

A lot of times when things in our life are ebbing instead of flowing, it’s an opportunity to reframe what’s happening in more positive terms.

For example, instead of thinking, “Business is slow, I’m not earning enough money” you could reframe that to say, “Now is a good time to create a new stream of income while things are slow in the other parts of my business.  I’m so grateful to have that time to focus on a new stream.”

Or “Business is slow, so this is a great time to work on those home projects I’ve been putting off.”

Or instead of thinking “I’m not dating anyone,” you could reframe that to, “Now’s a good time to do what I want to do, take classes, enjoy some hobbies, work on myself, visit with old friends, etc.”  In so doing, you might even find a new partner.

Instead of “I’m not sleeping well” you could reframe that to be, “I could use the extra awake time to work out, work on a project, or enjoy my hobbies even longer.”

But if we only focus on what’s not working, we may miss the fact that the ebbs in our life are giving us space to expand in other areas.  There are opportunities right in front of you if you’re looking for them.

So the next time you are feeling like something in your life isn’t working, ask yourself, “What sort of opportunity exists in this space right now?” and see what your brain starts to notice.  You might be surprised by what the Universe is actually offering you.

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