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Can Your Life Purpose Change Over Time?

Life purpose

A reader asked me, “Does a person only have one life purpose?  If so, what if they never find it?  Are they doomed to a life that is unfulfilling?”

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I prefer to talk about life intentions instead of some pre-determined life purpose.  This is because once we incarnate here on Earth we have free will, and you can use your free will to alter your course in life any time you desire, without judgement or negative repercussions.

So while you do set some intentions when you incarnate, you are not bound by them.

You can absolutely alter your life purpose any time you desire.

So if you originally intended to advance the field of medicine, but you get here and decide you’d rather be a pro athlete, you can pursue that.

Life is about finding your joy, so if what you thought was going to be joyful turns out to be unfulfilling for you, decide on a new course, lay it in, and make it so!

I believe there are seasons to a person’s life.  I know there have been in mine.  In my youth, I wanted to “save the world” so to speak, but as I got older I realized the world doesn’t need saving at all.  The world is the way it is because of the free will actions of every person in it, and we’ll never be able to agree on one ideal for this world.

Then there was a time all I wanted to do was help people, so I pursued a degree in Psychology because I thought that was the best way to help people. I had a natural aptitude for understanding people and what they were going through.

That purpose evolved into the intuitive counselor path that I’ve been on since 2006, which combines my love of psychology/counseling with my strong intuitive skills.

Today, I’ve come to value peace above all else.  I want less drama and less stress in my life.  So I’ve simplified my life as much as I can to acquire a more peaceful, go-with-the-flow existence.  It’s not quite where I want it to be just yet, but it’s my current goal.

Your life purpose will change as you approach new seasons in life, and that’s fine.  You are not stuck with one life purpose your entire life.  Live the life you desire, find the joy you deserve, and do what your heart calls you to do. 

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