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Are There Jobs on the Other Side? (Video)

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Jobs in the Afterlife: Exploring the Soul’s Activities Beyond Earth

In today’s video I’m going to delve into a fascinating question posed by Nora: “What do souls do all day on the other side? Are there jobs?”

Greeting Souls and Guiding Others

Upon crossing over, souls are greeted by guides, deceased loved ones, and soul family. After releasing their earthly identity, they commune with their people and undergo a life review. Some souls choose to take on responsibilities, such as greeting newcomers or serving as spirit guides for others. This role is noble but not for everyone; it requires a deep sense of duty, responsibility and compassion.

Assisting Troubled Souls and Sharing Knowledge

Additionally, souls on the other side may choose to assist those who had challenging life experiences or faced emotional or mental difficulties. These compassionate beings help troubled souls release their burdens and transition smoothly. There are also beings that are what I call information guides, akin to ethereal librarians, who hold vast knowledge and willingly share it with others. Souls can seek answers to any question and engage in enriching conversations with historical or legendary figures such as Napoleon, Elvis, or Einstein.

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Embracing Relaxation and Enjoying Spiritual Activities

Contrary to common misconceptions, souls are not obligated to engage in tasks or responsibilities. They can simply relax and enjoy their existence, similar to leisure activities on Earth. You will notice on the other side there is some sort of ethereal chorus, that’s at a really high frequency, and you can choose to lend your energy to this spiritual harmony. These experiences are enriching and foster a sense of connection among souls, encouraging the sharing of life experiences and decisions regarding reincarnation.

Reflecting on the concept of the afterlife portrayed in pop culture, one show that resonates with the essence of the afterlife is “The Good Place.” While not entirely aligned with my beliefs, the show’s portrayal of the afterlife’s ultimate message resonates with understanding and appreciating life on Earth.

In conclusion, the afterlife offers diverse opportunities for souls to engage in various activities based on their preferences and interests. Whether it’s assuming responsibilities, assisting others, or simply enjoying spiritual gatherings, the afterlife fosters growth, connection, and exploration beyond earthly limitations.

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