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Why Don’t You Ever Discuss Politics?

Sometimes people ask me who I’m going to vote for or what I think about certain topics that polarize the masses.  Some people have commented on how apolitical I seem, and they ask why.

While in the past 1300 articles I’ve written, I think I wrote something political twice, generally speaking the reason I don’t discuss politics publicly is because I don’t think my ideas are any better than anyone else’s. I don’t feel I should express my beliefs publicly, and I don’t want to influence someone’s vote. I believe people should decide for themselves what they want to see in the world and vote what’s in their hearts.

I do vote in most elections, but I’m the kind of person who likes to research the issues, look at both sides, and make a decision that I think will serve the most people.

During my lifetime, I’ve been both a registered Republican and Democrat.  If I had to classify myself I would say I’m moderate and independent. During every election and on all propositions, I research and decide what I want to see in the world. I don’t vote along party lines; I vote with my conscience.

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So sometimes people ask me what our spirit guides, higher selves, or even God (Source) thinks on specific issues.  The answer is they have no strong opinion as it’s not their place to judge humans or try to make the world function a certain way. People come, people go, policies come, policies go, there will always be a changing landscape for us to explore.

There is no right or wrong way to move a country, society, or planet; there are only choices and consequences.  If we enact laws or ban certain practices then we have to live with those consequences.  That will be easier for some than others.  That’s the way of things.  I doubt there’s a person alive today who is 100% happy with how their country is being run.

You can’t change the way the wind blows, but you can adjust your sails to continue on to your destination. So if your candidate doesn’t win or a certain bill isn’t passed, keep living your life the way you are called to, navigating any new obstacles or circumstances that befall you.

So all I will say about politics is vote with your heart, research the truth for yourself, participate or don’t participate as you feel moved, and let people also vote the way they desire.  There is a lot more that unites us than divides us.  

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